Year 4

In Year 4, our topic is ‘Natural Disasters’. We will be exploring the exciting and dangerous world of earthquakes and volcanoes to learn about where and how they happen and what it is like for people when they do.  

In English, we will be reading and responding to Christina Balit’s ‘Escape From Pompeii’ which is an exciting tale describing one inhabitant’s experiences about the day Mount Vesuvius erupted. We will be using our ‘Talk for Writing’ approach to orally retell the story before adapting it to create our own tales of fear about a natural disaster.

In Maths, we will be practising our multiplication skills to choose our most effective strategy. We will also be learning about division, reviewing area and perimeter before moving onto money

In Science, we will be learning about animals and food chains, identifying animals that are predators, prey, consumers and producers. We will also be looking at the human digestive system and learning about how we digest food. 

In Geography, we will be exploring where in the world earthquakes and volcanoes occur and thinking about the reasons for this. We will identify the tectonic plates around the world and learn how they play a part in volcanoes and earthquakes. We will learn how volcanoes form and what happens when they erupt. We will be visiting the Earthquakes and Volcanoes exhibition at the Natural History Museum. 

In Art, we will be taking inspiration from the remains found in the buried city of Pompeii to make our own clay pots and developing our understanding of the different ways that clay can be manipulated.  

In PE, we will be learning how to play tennis outdoors whilst our indoor sessions will be Gymnastics. 

In RE, we will be learning about Christianity. We will look at Christian symbols, worship and find differences and similarities between other religions we have learnt about. We will also be visiting Westminster Abbey in central London.

If you have any further questions about the content of the Year 4 curriculum please contact the Year 4 Team Leader, Miss Lacy, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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