Welcome to Summer Term in Nursery. The children are now in a great routine we will focus on building their independence in preparation for Reception This half term we are learning about traditional tales and preparing for Reception.

In Personal Health and Social Development discuss how far we have come this year and all of the things we have learnt in Nursery. Talk about the upcoming transition to Reception and listen to and answer questions or worries.

Through Communication and Language we will talk about the achievements we have made during our time in Nursery and discuss our dreams and goals for the future.

Through Physical Development we will practise skills including target practise, bean bag throwing and running in preparation for sport day. We will also continue to develop our fine motor skills in preparation for writing. 

In Mathematics we will order use traditional tales to help us count using one to one correspondence. Order characters from smallest to largest and talk about their size.

Through Literacy we will continue to continue to learn phase 2 sounds (e, u, r, ss, h, b, f, l) and play games to help us remember them. We will mark make and use playdough to help strengthen the muscles in our hands. 

In Creative Art and Design, we will make our own characters from traditional tales. Building houses for the three bears using different materials.

If you have any questions about the content of the Nursery curriculum please contact the Nursery Team Leader, Miss Dixon, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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