All sorts of things in life affect our health and wellbeing. Live well Greenwich offers signposting and support to get you the help you need with; Eating well, moving more, weight management, mental health support, stop smoking support, support with housing needs, money, debts and benefit advice, employment and training, drinking less, social and community activities. If you feel as though you could benefit from support in any of these areas and would like to speak with a Live Well coach, please call 08004704831


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As this week is mental health week, we wanted to share with parents some resources to help support the mental health and wellbeing of your children. Here is a selection of short videos and handy downloads:

Wellbeing and Mental Health

Bannockburn Primary School is committed to supporting the wellbeing and mental health of our whole school community (pupils, staff, volunteers, parent/carers and the wider community).

The World Health Organisation defines good mental health as: “a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community."

We want the very best for our pupils and everyone in our community. We will do whatever we can to help them reach their potential and be fully functioning, positive members of society.

Well-Being Vision Statement:

  • Everyone feels safe, included and valued.
  • Promote positive social and emotional wellbeing, mental health, resilience and wellness for pupils, staff and our community.
  • Everyone believes in themselves, creating relationships that develop them personally, socially and emotionally.

This year we have been expanding our understanding of Wellbeing and Mental Health further, by participating in the following events:

  • World Mental Health Day ‘Mental Health in schools: Make it count.’
  • Children’s Mental Health Week ‘Being healthy- inside and out.’
  • International Day of Happiness. Thinking about what makes us happy and what we can do to help others feel happy.

We are also encouraging families, staff and others we work with to consider six aspects of improving our wellbeing.

Please see information below about a workshop for parents for children with anxiety on 7th and 14th December 2023 in the Partnership Unit on the High Street site:

Anxiety in Children Workshop