School Transitions

The Process of Transition

Transition at the end of one academic year to another can often lead to many questions between both children and parents. Many aspects of school life will be very similar, if not the same; however, how we manage our emotions during any transition is important. 

Please click on the links below to see some information regarding your child's new class in September 2021.

Nursery - Acorn Class     Conker Class

Reception - Apple Class     Cherry Class     Orange Class     Pear Class

Year 1 - Damson Class    Juniper Class     Lemon Class     Lime Class

Year 2 - Acer Class     Beech Class     Cedar Class     Sycamore Class

Year 3 - Chestnut Class     Hazel Class     Olive Class     Walnut Class

Year 4 - Ash Class     Oak Class     Pine Class     Poplar Class

Year 5 - Aspen Class     Hawthorn Class     Maple Class     Rowan Class

Year 6 - Birch Class     Elder Class     Elm Class     Linden Class

New to Reception - Presentation

Please click here to see presentation on what your child can expect when they start Reception in September. 

Year 6 Transition to Secondary School

Most secondary school websites have transition information to help Year 6 prepare for starting at their school. Some have video tours too.

Here are information booklets for-