School Times as of January 2023

School Site Opening Times

Please see below the start and finishing times for each year group across both High Street and Manor Way sites as of January 2023

Nursery (Manor Way site)

The Nursery entrance is located on Camrose Street.

Full Time Nursery

Gates open at 8:50am, Gates close at 9:00am

Drop-off    8:50am to 9:00am 

Registration 9:00am

Collection  3:30pm to 3:40pm 

Gates open at 3:30pm Gates close at 3:40pm

Part Time Nursery

Gates open 08:50am, Gates close at 9:00am

Morning - Drop-off from 8:50am to 9:00am

Registration 9:00am

Morning - Collection from 12pm to 12:10pm

Gates open at 12pm, Gates close at 12:10pm

Gates open 12:20pm, Gates close at 12:30pm

Afternoon – Drop-off 12:30pm to 12:40pm

Afternoon – Collection from 3:30pm to 3:40pm

Gates open at 3:30pm, Gates close at 3:40pm


High Street - Reception (Weekly hours 32 hrs 30 mins)

Gates open              8:35am (Gate closes at 08:45am)

- Apple & Pear Classes to use Ceres Road Gate

- Cherry & Orange classes to use Plumstead High Street Gate

Registration            8:45am

Collection                3:15pm 

Gates open at 3:15pm (closes at 3:25pm)

High Street – Key Stage 1 (Current weekly hours 32 hrs 30 mins)

When dropping off the children in Year 1 and Year 2 in the morning please use the Bannockburn Road Gate. 

When collecting the children in the afternoon we use a one-way system. Parents must enter via the Bannockburn Road Gate and then exit through the Ceres Road Gate.

Gates open at 8:40am (Gate closes at 8:50am)

Year 1 - use the Bannockburn Road Gate

Year 2 - use the Bannockburn Road Gate

Registration                                       8:50am

Collection                                           3:20pm 

Gates open at 3:20pm (closes at 3:30pm)

Manor Way Site (Key Stage 2) (Weekly hours 32 hrs 30mins)

Parents are to use the same gate for both drop off in the morning and collection at the end of the day.

Gates open at 8:50am (closes at 9:00am)

Year 3 - use The Lodge entrance on Church Manor Way

Year 4 - use the Manton Road Gate

Year 5 - use the Camrose Street Gate

Year 6 - use the main Visitors entrance on Church Manor Way

Registration                        9:00am

Collection                            3:30pm

Gates open at 3:30pm (close at 3:40pm)

The School Office

The school offices open at 8:30am (HS) and 8:30am (MW). Telephones will be answered between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.