Year 2

For this first half of the Summer Term, our topic is Shakespeare and the Elizabethans. In History, we will be learning about William Shakespeare and
why he was famous.

We will:

  • Find out facts about William Shakespeare to learn why he was important.
  • Sequence events in William Shakespeare’s life.
  • Explore famous quotations from his plays.
  • Re-create the famous Globe theatre.
  • Discuss similarities and differences between today’s theatres and theatres of the past and how it is different to cinema.

In English, we will be learning about some of the famous plays written by William Shakespeare, descriptive writing and classical poetry. The children will explore some plays written by the famous playwright and use their previous knowledge to identify key story features and summarise the plots. They will also be using their descriptive skills to describe a scene from Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Finally, we will be learning and performing a poem from Macbeth.

In Mathematics, we will be focusing on data collection, 2D, 3D shapes and symmetry. The children will be collecting their own data and recording it in a variety of ways such as tally charts, pictograms and block graphs. Later in the term, we will be revisiting 2D and 3D shape with a focus on symmetry of 2D shapes.

In Science, we will be learning about how plants grow and what the best conditions are for them to grow healthily.  We will be setting up our own investigations by setting up different conditions for plants to grow in. Throughout the term, we will be observing and recording what happens.

In R.E. this half term we will be learning about the religion of Hinduism. We will learn about Hindu values such as respect for all living things, caring for others and truthfulness. In addition, we shall be learning about how Hindus worship in a Mandir and identifying ways in which Hindu beliefs are similar to other religious beliefs.

In P.E. this half term, we will be:

  • Practising throwing different objects.
  • Increasing power when throwing.
  • Improving accuracy when throwing.
  • Participating in team games.
  • Developing or communication skills

In PSHE this half term we will be discussing the importance of money and what it is used for in day to day life.
We will also talk about the why it is good to save.

Please click on the links below to download the latest Year 2 newsletter, Homework and also the topic curriculum overview.

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If you have any further questions about the content of the Year 2 curriculum please contact the Year 2 Team Leader, Miss Stannett-Daborn, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.