Over this first half of the Summer Term we will be discussing the topic
‘Under the Sea’ and learning about different sea creatures.  

Our core texts this half term will be the fictional stories, Sharing a Shell and Tiddler the Story-telling Fish by Julia Donaldson and ‘Princess Swashbuckle’ by Hollie Rose Hughes. These are all stories that link with our topic.

We will be thinking about our school values and how we show different values at home and in the community.
We will explore our core texts and talk about how the characters show our values.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be thinking about our school values and how we can apply them in our daily lives. We shall be discussing the stories and focus on friendship, exploring how we can feel confident to play with different people.


We will revisit number and explore division by introducing equally sharing. We shall look at money problems including addition and subtraction. We will also explore positional language via instructions and measurement, thinking about length, weight and height.


We will read a variety of fiction texts including Sharing a Shell and Princess Swashbuckle, focusing on rhyming in the stories and creating our own rhyming strings. We shall use descriptive language to describe the different characters in the stories and help us to make comparisons. We will also write speech bubbles, acting in role and compare creatures. We will talk about what non-fiction books are and use these to help us research and create fact files for different sea creatures.

Physical Development

We will be further practising our fine motor skills by cutting, setting up activities linked to our under the sea topic. For example, decorating shells, building a ship, digging activities. We shall also be practising our pencil control to improve letter formation/ writing. We will explore moving freely and travelling in different ways like sea creatures.

Understanding the World

We will be discussing special times with friends and thinking about how showing values can have a positive impact in life. We will also explore what we can find under the sea, thinking about different sea creatures and pirates.

Communication and Language

We will discuss values linked to the stories including honesty, friendship, fairness and equality, and talk about how we show these. We will act in role and consider the feelings of others.

Creative Arts and Design

We will explore different types of art such as shell rubbings, pirate/sea creature painting, watercolour painting, egg cup sea creatures and collages. We will also explore role-play using puppets, talking tins and other props that we can make such as telescopes.

Please click on the links below to download the latest Reception newsletter and also the topic curriculum overview.

Reception Newsletter - Summer Term 1 - April 2021

Reception Topic Overview - Summer Term 1 - April 2021

If you have any further questions about the content of the Reception curriculum please contact the Reception Team Leader, Miss Irving, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.