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Sports Premium Report

Bannockburn Football kit:

Our new school football kit arrived during Autumn 1 and has already been put through its paces in a competition situation. We put together a select U11 (Year 6) team to take part in a local inter school football competition setup and run by St Paul’s Academy.  This gave the children a chance to test the kit and also provided our school with a sporting identity at the event. The children felt very proud to be wearing the kit and represent the school with feedback that included, “We like the colours and fit,” “It made me feel like a professional!” The tournament was a huge success and possibly one of our greatest sporting achievements. The team not only won their group by winning every game but then got through to the final of the tournament where they were just beaten 2-1 despite their courageous effort. Not only did the boys taking part enjoy the experience but it created a large amount of interest, within the year 6 cohort, to want to take part in extracurricular sport within the school. Upcoming events include:

·         Charlton Athletic mixed U11 football tournament which will be taking place in December 2017.

·         Netball tournament at St Paul’s in November 2017 with team trials being held this week.


Our plans to increase the amount of external sporting events that the school take part in are going well and the benefit to the children and willingness to take part is overwhelming. We are hoping to setup and start a more regular football team, where we would hope to join a local primary league, through creating a dedicated role in the school. This would either be through sourcing an external provider or utilising internal staff talent. We have a great amount of enthusiasm and talent for football and other sports within the school and we are hoping that additional funding from Sports Premium can help support and develop this as we move forward into the next academic year.

New Sports Surface:


The new enclosed sport surface has really transformed the PE and the outdoor sports learning experience. So far the new surface has been used to support curriculum learning during PE lessons (Yr 6 have just completed a unit on invasion games, Yr 3 are currently learning tag rugby.) It is also used at lunch and playtimes to provide various sporting activities which are adult led and focused on inclusion in sport, fair play and general fitness.


The school has been providing yoga sessions for a while now and the benefits for children are identified and monitored for impact. These include: calming behaviour; meditation; focusing and concentrating the mind and finally to understand how their bodies work and react to different situations.

Additional Spend

There has been continued purchasing of essential equipment that has allowed the school to continue to provide well-resourced PE lessons for a variety of sports, for example a new basketball net at Manor Way. This investment ensures that children and teachers are not left without the key components they need to fulfil their lessons due to lack of equipment. We have two outdoor storage units that house the day to day PE equipment located on the playground at Manor way which allow for easy access (something teachers have welcomed). The metal container at High Street also continues provide adequate easy access storage for the KS1 equipment. The replacement of equipment, which inevitably gets worn out over time, is continually being restocked with members of staff always keen to notify and replace it when necessary. It is still an aim to make sure that members of staff feel confident when teaching PE across the school and that this is done in a consistent way. We also want to ensure that members of staff are aware of the range of equipment that is on offer for them to use and how to use it properly as well as maximising the potential use of the playground space. Throughout this academic year we shall be taking time to observe teaching and highlight ways of supporting staff in planning, assessment and delivery of a variety of sports which will allow the children to receive a full wide and varied programme of sporting activities. 

Proposed spending and activities for the current academic year 2017/2018 will include:

·         Bike and scooter storage units to encourage an active school run.

·         Introduction of morning sports clubs.

·         Identifying talent in areas of sport across the school.

·         Providing an extensive range of exciting after school sporting clubs that appeal to all age groups.

·         Developing a sporting behaviour and culture programme across the school which focuses on fair play, access to sport for all abilities and promotes sport in terms of its health benefits.

·         Researching into PE staff training opportunities. For example this could include observing PE staff at St Paul’s academy and sharing good practice in the delivery of physical education.

Sports Premium:

2017-18 Sports Funding Expenditure

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SEND, including Yoga


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