Our School Development Targets

School Development Targets 2019 - 2020

  • Priority 1

Learning environment that enhances effective teaching and learning, while reflecting the ethos and expectations of the school.

We aim to ensure our school ethos and values consistently support and enhance the positive development of pupils and staff through a school environment that reflects the pride we have in our school.

  • Priority 2

School leadership that positively impacts the school community through high aspirations and support mechanisms.

We aim to ensure that leadership is inspired by a clear vision and is outward looking, collegial, supportive and encourages creativity and innovation.

  • Priority 3

   Rich curriculum that offers children knowledge and experience through quality resources, inspired teaching and high ambitions for all children.

We aim to ensure that learning is enhanced across the curriculum, focusing on pupil engagement and aspiring for each pupil to attain the highest possible standards regardless of background or individual need.