Arts Week

At Bannockburn we realise the importance of every child’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. As part of a thriving and diverse community we constantly aim to celebrate the richness in culture that we see both in our local community and also globally.

Our annual ’Arts Week’ has grown over the last 6 years. During the Summer Term the children are encouraged to link their learning skills with the wider arts curriculum and develop art based on a particular theme. In 2015 the Arts Week theme focused on dance movements, with each year group choosing a different type to use as a starting point.

Throughout the process, children were encouraged to demonstrate the artistic skills that they had acquired throughout the year. More importantly, children had the opportunity to put our school values into practice showing perseverance, effort and cooperation.

To celebrate our Dance themed Arts Week, we invited parents and members of the wider community to our 'Arts Week Celebration', to see the many ways the children had used their creative skills.

Look at our image gallery to see some of the fantastic work that was produced during Arts Week 2015.