Governors & Visitors

“The staff were incredibly knowledgeable and the children were all so engaged and friendly.” “Staff are friendly and welcoming. Overall ethos of school was warm and comfortable.” “The day exceeded my expectations, it really expanded my knowledge and challenged my thinking though lesson observations.”

Greenwich University students - January 2020

"I've been doing the school run more often recently and wanted to say how impressed I am with seeing senior leaders present in the playground and at school gates. This happens on a regular basis and complements the excellent job that Paul and other staff do. It is really impressive to see senior staff overseeing the start and end of the day. I have also noticed senior leaders at the end of day on Plumstead Corner, keeping an eye on the children to keep them safe on their way home. Thank you, I am so impressed with the efforts to keep our children safe.

Lucy Davies (School Parent Governor) - October 2017


"I was very pleased to be invited to a number of end of year activities and here is a quick round up.

  • Key Stage 1 Sports Day - a very well organised event which led to enthusiastic participation by all the children and was well received by parents. It was a lovely day and lots of families came with picnics.
  • Year 2 Singing Assembly - this was a lovely event well attended by parents and the children sang their hearts out.
  • Year 6 Leavers Production - just amazing! It was clear how much work had gone into not only the performance but the costumes, makeup and stage props.
  • Year 5 Reward Trip to Danson Park - what a smashing time was had by all. As always the children behaved well and the staff made sure they had a day to remember with lots of team games and fun. A happy relaxed day.
  • School Summer Fete - an excellent collaboration between children, staff and families which led to a lovely atmosphere and lots of money being raised on the day.

As always the consideration and care shown by all the staff not only to the children but for each other is amazing. Brilliant teamwork!"

Sue Kimmins (School Community Governor) - July 2017


"Congratulations and thank you to the Year 5 children at Bannockburn who participated in the 'Maths 24 Competition" at Middle Park on 23rd May 2017 and gained first place."

Julie taylor (Head of School Improvement, Inclusion, Learning and Achievement - Royal Greenwich) June 2017


"Congratulations to Bannockburn Primary for a highly successful finale to their 'Arts Fortnight'. Parents and carers were treated to an evening of music, poetry, paintings and sculpture with a theme of French speaking countries around the world. There was a buzz of excitement throughout the school as children from Reception to Year 6 spoke confidently to visitors about their learning."

Matthew West (School Improvement Advisor - Royal Greenwich) - July 2017


"Thank you so much for the opportunity, your support, help and many more. A very big thank you to the other staff and the children, particularly Acorn and Conker (last session) and Apple Tree class. Words alone seem insufficient but once more, I am immensely grateful to everyone at Bannockburn Primary School."

Kafayat Eletu (School Parent Governor) - June 2017


"I just wanted to say thank you for having us yesterday - we had such a lovely day. The children were all so well behaved and the teachers were all so friendly. Please pass this on as it is always such a pleasure to visit a school with children with good manners."

Amy Kelly (Director, The Rig) - March 2017


"Dear Mrs Ford, I would like to congratulate you, your stafr and your pupils for the very high level of progress pupils in your school are making. Your school's results, as published on 15 December, show that your school is amongst the top 3% of schools in Engliand in terms of the progress your pupils make between Key Stage 1 and the end of Key Stage 2 in English reading, writing and mathematics. We  want to ensure that every child has the necessary fluency in reading, writing and mathematics to prepare them for a successful secondary education and beyond, and you school has provided this. Thank you for your hard work and professionalism in producing such high standards and congratulations again to you and your staff for all you have achieved."

Nick Gibb MP (Minister of State for School Standards) - February 2017


"Breakfast Club MW site - what an excellent calming start to the day! Tracey, Gina and Julie provide a welcoming safe environment with a very breakfast. I had a very good start to my day drinking hot chocolate and helping out a couple of the boys with a jigsaw."

Sue Kimmins (School Community Governor) - February 2017


"As always, I am enormously grateful for the way in which you and the team have hosted the open morning and in particular thanks are due to Sarah who steered us so ably through the morning. I was in a position to sample the Forest School in action with the nursery children engaged in a phonics activity, a mathematics lesson with year six, focussing on piecharts and proportions and a literacy session with year six with a focus on reading, comprehension and literary devices. The age ranges may have been at opposite ends of the spectrum and the activities sampled diverse in nature, but what they all shared was quality in dialogue with the teacher as the critical figure in shaping the skill or concept and creating the ethos for learning. One sits back in admiration as the teacher subtly probes the child's understanding or urges the child to delve into their vocabulary to explain something with the appropriate technical language, or draws on an idea revealed in group discussion as a resource for sharing with the class as a whole or transforms the outdoor learning environment into an imaginary air-space with aircraft all celebrating the N sound. Each of the episodes was underpinned by rapport in the relationships and the capacity to enter into the child's wavelength, not in a patronising sense, but with empathy and dignity. Reciprocity is surely at the heart of effective teaching, a quality exemplified in abundance on Thursday morning and as always it was a great privilege to be witness to educative processes in full bloom."

Robert Young (Chair of Governors) - February 2017


"I am really pleased with the progress my daughter has made in Year 4 and glad that she is ding well and trying her best in everything she does."

Year 4 Parent - July 2016


"My name is Briget Fosang and I am a parent governor. I have 4 children, 2 of whom attend the School and are in years 1 & 2.  I had the privilege of attending a Governor open morning on 5th October 2016. The timetable allowed me the opportunity to experience various different activities, which are part of our children’s school day.

I started off reading with several children in Year 1.  I was very impressed at the level of reading and comprehension the children had. It was also clear that at whichever stage in reading the child was, the book they were given still challenged them in order to maintain their interest in reading.

When I asked what kind of books they preferred reading, they were able to recall various types, such as information books, activity books which allowed them to create something by following instructions, alongside storybooks and comics.  For me it was clear that the School consistently works to improve the children’s standards in reading as well as their comprehension of the English Language, by providing a wide range of reading materials.

Following this I sat in on a phonics lesson.  The teacher taking the lesson was engaging and it was a pleasure to see that all the children wanted to participate.  The structure of learning allowed the children to interact with the teacher and then work independently on their whiteboards.  I felt that the easy access of the whiteboards ensured that teaching and learning was more productive.  Again there were different learning tools being used such as songs, playing ‘hide and seek’ with words and forming sentences. All of this allowed the teacher to test the children’s spellings and understanding of the word.

I then got to meet and talk with the school’s Educational/Clinical Psychologist, John Hepburn. It was clear that he really understood his field and his only priority was that of the child. The services he provides to the school also meant that all teachers would be able to get some form of training in this area in order to further support those children who need it. It was enlightening to see that the school also takes its pastoral care importantly, in order to assist children in reaching their full potential in education regardless of the hurdles they may face. I am very much looking forward to working with the School so that it can become a Centre of Excellence for Mental Health.

The School is also focussed on developing a strong foundation for the understanding of languages, evident through its modern foreign language  (French) lesson.  During this lesson the teacher engaged pupils by asking them to give personal examples of things they liked or didn’t like to watch. She was able to work on pronunciation of words and made it very easy to follow. I noticed that there were also native speakers in the class, and in order to keep them engaged she utilised their skills by allowing them to assist other pupils in the class, once they had completed their own work. I believe it will be of great benefit to all our children if they are able to engage in a MFL lesson.

The day ended with having a very delicious lunch with the Year 3’s and discussing their transition from Key Stage 1 to 2. All the children whom I spoke to explained that they felt very settled and were excited.  I believe that this is tantamount to the effort and care given by all staff at the school and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, for always having our children’s best interest at the forefront of any agenda."

Briget Fosang (School Parent Governor) - October 2016


"I made an impromptu stop following a successful FAB coffee morning at Friday's assembly. This is the first BB assembly for me and how inspiring. Children's behaviour was exemplary especially considering the cramped space and there was an obvious wave of excitement over the results of the house elections. The love and care from the staff is so obvious and amazing. How lucky I am to be a small part of it."

Sue Kimmins (School Community Governor) - October 2016


"Saturday's Carnival - Woolwich - Your staff Miss Daley, Miss Ansell & Miss Bethell were brilliant ambassadors for our school. They were engaged and involved with children making sure everyone saw the Bannockburn School sign. Thank you to all the adults, from school, who supported the procession. All the children had a great time and worked so hard dancing and drumming for over an hour. I was proud to walk alongside the children as a parent and a governor."

Gemma O'Sullivan (School Parent Governor) - September 2016


"I'm so proud of all the achievements that my son has accomplished this school year and I am sure he will continue to strive for the top in Year 5. He has really enjoyed learning about the Victorian era and always tells me in great detail about his science projects. I am very pleased with the teachers he has had this year and look forward to him building a relationship with his new one."

Year 4 Parent - July 2016

"We are very pleased with our daughter's report for this year. She loves school. Thank you to all the staff who have supported her learning this year. Overall, we are happy with our daughter's experience at this school. Greet job! Keep up the good work."

Year 3 Parent - July 2016 


"I am very pleased when I saw my child's report; am saying a big thank you to Miss Bethell for her support throughout the whole of Year 3."

Year 3 Parent - July 2016 


"My daughet has just started the nursery in September and we are absolutely delighted. I just wanted to ley you know how much we appreciate to be part of Bannockburn School. Choosing the right school can be so challenging for parents. I must admit I was quite nervous about making the right choice but the moment I spoke to Miss Oliver at the Open Morning, I knew Bannockburn was the place I wanted my daughter to attend. My daughter loves goign to school every morning, even when she is not feeling well. She insists on going as she doesn't want to miss a day. She is absoultely thriving. She adores all her teachers esepcially Rose and Lilly. We can't thank everyone enough for everything they do in looking after the children. This hard work is much appreciated. As parents we can't be happier!"

Nursery (Acorn Class) Parent - December 2015


"May we take this opportunity of thanking yourselves and all the impressively many staff, governors, children and parents who very evidently pulled together to help make last Friday's International Evening such an astounding success. We were frankly amazed at the effective way in which every detail had been so obviously meticulously planned and superbly executed. The result was an evening that ran so well and in such an entertaining way we felt privileged to have been present. The children who took part did so with such enthusiasm which itself reflected the enthusiasm and professionalism they will have perceived in the staff who organised the event. It was obvious to us how much work had gone into its planning and we fell honoured that our children attend a school that is capable of producing such an event. The huge number of staff in their differing roles who were present was itself testament to the quality of camaraderie and the effective leadership existing within the school. Thank you everyone!"

Year 2 Parent - February 2017


"As ever a great treat to be in the audience for the two Christmas concerts with Year One and Years 5/6. I was captivated by the magic of the Year One production and its distinctive take on the Nativity theme with a fabulous score. The Year 5/6 concert, which married the big swing era to festive songs was also characterised by the full-hearted engagement of the children and some welcome musical challenges which took them beyond their comfort zone. The Plumstead Manor auditorium seemed to me to work well as a concert venue with surprisingly good acoustics and marvellous sight lines for the audience. So please pass on my congratulations to children and staff alike!"
Robert Young (Chair of Governors) - December 2017
"I also wanted to say how much I have enjoyed working with Bannockburn over the last two years and getting to know you all. Your commitment, passion and care for the children in the school is evident and I feel I have learnt a lot from working with you all. As I said in the review meeting, I have observed some inspiring and skilled teaching and learning within the school from both teachers and support staff, as well as many warm and nurturing interactions between pupils and staff. I am impressed by the range of opportunities on offer for pupils at Bannockburn and feel that as a school you pay close attention to the social and emotional well-being of the pupils, which is reflected in the happy and settled presentation of the children at Bannockburn, as well as the general calm and relaxed atmosphere within the whole school - not an easy feat gievn the size of the school and high level of need."
Katherine Robinson (Borough Educational Psychologist) - June 2017
"Can I say how much I appreciated the opportunity of meeting with the Year 6 pupils in three classes on Tuesday 6 June to talk about our role as governors. I was struck by the children's engagement with the topic and the probing nature of many of the questions raised, of which the following are just a sample. Why did you want to become a governor? What are the things you like about the school? How many meetings do you attend? I think it is important for children to become aware of the wider educational community and I therefore see this dialogue with the pupils as part of the contribution to that education for citizenship. The opportunity to experience the Arts Week in action was also much appreciated. Governors have always placed great importance on a balanced and wide-ranging approach to the curriculum and it is therefore vaulable to see the aesthetic dimension to education being given prominence through the medium of the Arts Week. Children can only benefit from the sustained and focused opportunities for artistic exploration in depth. I am very much looking forward to the Year 6 Performance at the end of term and no doubt thiw will also build on a foundation of experiences which will have taken them into different artistic avenues. Please pass on to colleagues my appreciation, as always, for their welcome and hospitality."
Robert Young (School Chair of Governors) - June 2017
"The day started with a visit to Aspen class where we (Robert, Chair of Governors and I) watched an Art lesson centred on The Perspective of an Artist. It was great to listen to the children describe the pictures usign keywords. Thereafter, we all went to the hall for Values Assembly, listening to a story on the month's value of 'Friendship'. I particularly loved the exceptional behaviour of the children in the hall with minimal prompts from adults. It was a touching story and the contributions of the children were amazing. The visit to Elder class was spectacular! I loved the masks made by the children, the in-depth attention to detail and the level of concentration was phenomenal. The quality of questions asked by the children was remarkable. In all, the visit confirmed the exceptional behaviours of pupils and the high level of discipline in the school, the outstanding level of teaching and learning in the school. The visit provided an opportunity to see how many resources were provided for the children. I, as the Link Governor for Years 5 and 6, am particularly impressed. I say a big thank you to the Year 6 Team and the leadership for all their efforts."
Kafayat Eletu (School Parent Governor) - June 2017
"Thank you so much for the opportunity, your support, help and much more. A very big thank you to the staff and children, particularly Acorn and Conker in Nursery and Apple Tree class in Reception. Words alone seem insufficient but once more, I am immensely grateful to everyone at Bannockburn Primary School."
Kafayat Eletu (School Parent Governor) - July 2017
"Now that we have come to the end of the senior leader and middle leader programmes, I wanted to take the opportunity to share my thoughts, with you, regarding the leaders who have attended the two programmes. I have had a career of over 20 years in educational leadership, the last 11 years within the role of facilitator/consultant for the National College of Teaching and Leadership, the Institute of Education, Eastern Leadership Centre and our own company, ES4S.  I have had the pleasure of working with leaders in the UK, Europe and Asia and through all of these experiences, I have NEVER worked with such a passionate, committed and dedicated group of leaders than those at Bannockburn Primary School…they have been an absolute credit to your school. It has been a pleasure to share the learning experience with every one of them and I just hope they have found the professional learning sessions worthwhile with regard to their individual and joint leadership development."
Andy Hind (Education Consultant) - July 2017
"Do please pass on to the children and staff invovled my congratulations on the dress rehearsal for Aladdin. As always, it was a great pleasure hearing the children sing in such spirit and energy and coping so well with the demands of dramatic presentation. I do appreciate the logistical pressures on staff in organising a production and that it is very much a team effort."
Robert Young (School Chair of Governors) - July 2017
"Please convery my thanks to the KS2 team for welcoming me into their classrooms yesterday afternoon. It was a great pleasure to sample the humanities as well as mathematics and science and to get a taste of the children's experiences of the whole curriculum, ranging from the Aztecs to shadows. A common thread throughout the afternoon was the settled ethos for learning and the positive way in which children responded to the expectations for behaviour for learning. I appreciate that this calmness of approach, which was all-pervasive in the interface between teachers and pupils, is not something which is achieved overnight, but is bound up with the strength of the teacher planning, the shared commitment to pupil welfare and the quality of the school leadership."
Robert Young (School Chair of Governors) - March 2018

“I wanted to say a special thank you to all the teachers and staff member for making the journey into work last week with the adverse weather conditions in order to ensure very little disruption to our children's education and keeping them safe. I can see the reasons why the school excels and produces very good results as you allow very little to come between our kids’ education.

I felt it is important that I recognised the teachers and other staff members for their efforts as I am very grateful and it sends a good message to my son, especially as many other schools and nursery in the area decided to close.”

Year 1 Parent - March 2018

"Thank you for putting on the Art Exhbition on Friday, I visited both High Street and Manor Way and it was wonderful to see such lovely work and talk to the children who were so enthusiastic about showing off their creations.   I really enjoyed the theme of school values and was pleased to see so many amazing and creative ideas to interpret the values in a really thoughtful way.  I always ask the children about the values when I come in and visit, and without fail - right across the school - everyone can articulately clearly the value for the month and what it means to them.  The Art Exhibition was no exception. It was lovely to look at the art works, and also to have a go at creating our own art too.  

A few things stood out for me:

  • Courage - I loved the poems and particularly liked seeing the thoughtful peer comments.
  • Kindness - wow! I loved looking at the beautifully painted hands and talking to the children about what kindness meant to them, and exploring the idea of "what colour is kindness?"
  • Thoughtfulness - the Haiki poems were fantastic.
  • Honesty - the paintings and wooden spoons were beautiful and the children were so enthusiastic about explaining how they had used an idea about leaves and nature to create "honesty leaves", and had thought about looking through things using mirrors.  
  • Patience - the children were really keen to show off their wonderful sewing, plants, and I even had a tutorial on how to create a Haiki poem!
  • Persistence - the children had used many different materials to create beautiful sea scenes, and parents and children could try out one of the techniques used. 
  • Equality - the children had developed a theme around Elmer the Elephant and created some beautiful paintings.  We enjoyed creating our own elephant picture too.
  • And finally, such an enthusastic rendition of "We are the World" with drum accompaniment from Maple class!"

Year 3 Parent - June 2018

"This is to thank you for the opportunity to watch the end of year performance of The Jungle Book by Year 6 last week. It was a beautiful performance with some exceptional individual performances.  As a group, I thought the Year 6’s did very well and I can only say a big well done to them all, as well as the staff. Wishing them a successful time in Secondary school."

Year 6 Parent - July 2018

"I just wanted to say thank you and a big well done to the staff and children for the just completed Sports day. The children were resilient, competitive, taking part and cheering their peers all through the events. Staff were highly involved, supportive, organised and very helpful. Overall, I  thought both Sports Days (KS1 and Years 3 & 4) were brilliant. I am sure the best House won but we all had fun and fun and enjoyed ourselves. Many thanks to Ms Devlin for leading Sports and such a wonderful Sports day. Once again, thank  you to all at Bannockburn and  well done!"

Parent of children in Year 1 & Year 3 - July 2018