Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional funding provided to schools for supporting children who are at a greater risk of underachievement. There are three categories of children that qualify for pupil premium:

  • Children who are eligible for free school meals (FSM); currently there are 156 pupils.
  • Children looked after by the Local Authority; currently there are 4 pupils.
  • Armed Forces children; currently there are 0 pupils.

The total amount of Pupil Premium received this year is £217,060 (£1,320 per pupil).

Pupil Premium Pupil Objectives 2017-2018
1.        PPG children to make accelerated progress
2.        To ensure that attendance of PPG pupils is above 97%
3.        To ensure that all pupils can access extracurricular and curriculum enrichment activities
4.        To raise attainment of PPG pupils in writing


1.) Extra one-to-one or small group support for children within the classroom.There are many ways in which Bannockburn spends this additional funding to meet these objectives. For example:

2.) Employing extra teaching assistants to work with classes.

3.) Paying for additional help such as speech and language therapy or family therapy.

4.) Funding English classes for children who speak another language at home.

5.) Investing in resources that boost children's learning, such as laptops or iPads.

6.) School uniform grant or discount.

7.) Discounted after-school clubs (but not Play Club).

8.) Discounted Breakfast Club

9.) Discounted school trips.

10.) Free LAMDA classes.

11.) Possible tutoring for Grammar School 11+ exams

12.) Free milk

13.) Possible theatre/event tickets

14.) Year 5 School Journey Grant

Inclusion Additional Provision (inc. Pupil Premium)

Pupil Premium Funding Presentation

Early Years Pupil Premium Grant 2018 - 2019

Pupil Premium Strategy 2018 - 2019