School Times


Morning Session      9am – 12pm
Afternoon Session   12:30pm – 3:30pm

Each child attends nursery for 3 hours per day Monday – Friday.

HIGH STREET Reception to Yr 2

School Starts    8:45am
School Finishes  3:00pm

MANOR WAY Years 3 – 6

School Starts    09.05am
School Finishes  3:20pm

The school offices open at 8:45am HS and 09.05am MW after the bell has rung.

Please be on time to collect your child. Young children can get very distressed and anxious if you are not there on time to meet them. Children from Nursery to year 4 should be collected by an adult.

It is very important that children arrive on time and that there is regular attendance.



Regular attendance is most important if children are to make progress and take an active part in school life. Children should only be absent from school in the case of illness, treatment. In the case of pupil absence parents should always inform the school on the first day of absence. Always inform us by telephone, in writing or in person as soon as your child is absent so that we can record the reason on the register.

Please try to make non - urgent dental and medical appointments outside the school day.

Any absence requests must be made in writing to the Head teacher and will be unauthorized.

Please keep your child at home if they are unwell. The school needs to know the reason for your child’s absence, particularly if an infectious illness is involved. You can obtain advice from the school office for when it is appropriate to return to school following an infectious illness.