Year 5

Last half term, our learning stemmed from the topic ‘Technology—could it change the world?’ We focused on the technology that has already been created to support space exploration and then investigated what new technology would be needed should we move to Mars in the future. Our trip to The Design Museum to see the exhibition ‘Moving to Mars’ supported our learning and we took a great deal from what we saw.

We are now moving on to our new topic ‘Titanic’ where we will be focusing our learning around the lives of the various people who travelled and worked on the famous vessel. We enjoyed our topic day where we baked bread, made a lifeboat model that moves using friction, took on the role of journalists and created mood boards whilst listening to music that was played on the Titanic. Thank you to all of those children who put so much effort into their outfits. See the blog for more details.

As writers, we will be using our research about the first and third class passengers on board the Titanic to write an engaging narrative about two children who meet during their journey. We will also be writing newspaper reports about the day the Titanic set sail.

As mathematicians, we will be learning how to convert length, weight and volume using our understanding of numbers to 3 decimal places. We will also be solving problems involving time, area, perimeter and money.

As scientists, we will be carrying out investigations to find out about air and water resistance.

As artists, we will be studying the work of Claude Monet and George Bellows and exploring their paintings at The National Gallery.

As theologians, we will be deepening our understanding of Islam.

As sportspeople, we will be learning how to set ourselves personal, achievable goals in the contexts of Orienteering and Gymnastics.

As historians, we will be finding out the push and pull factors that led people to emigrate on the Titanic.


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