Year 5

What are we learning about this half term in Year 5?

For the first half of the Summer Term in Year 5 we shall be focusing our learning on the lives of immigrants who came to the UK during the period after the Second World War. Through the events linked  to The Empire Windrush, an old German boat that was captured during World War II by the British, we will be looking at the journey made by many Caribbean families who were invited to come to start a new life here in the UK.


In English we will be reading, writing and performing different playscripts. Being confident writers, we will be learning more about narratives. We shall also be reading, Coming to England by Floella Benjamin.


In Maths we need to make sure we have quick recall of all our multiplication tables. Furthermore, this half term we will continue to build upon previous learning, concentrating on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to improve our mental maths and use these to solve multi-step word problems.  We will also be deepening our understanding of time, area and Roman numerals. Please see the school website for the calculations policy to ensure that when you help your children at home, you are following the same strategies we teach them in school.


In the Humanities we will learn about Jamaica and the journey of passengers to the United Kingdom on the Empire Windrush. We shall investigate what life was like on-board the ship and some of the challenges they faced upon arrival in their new home.


In Science we will be carrying out some practical investigations linked to materials.

Physical Education

In PE we will work on our throwing and catching skills for cricket, as well as developing athletic techniques.

Religious Education

In RE we will be investigating about some of the different world religions beliefs linked to how the world was created.


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