Year 5


Our topic on Nepal has ended, although our learning on Gurkha soldiers links nicely to our final Summer Term topic ‘Movement and Settlement’, where we will be exploring the reasons why people move to new countries.

Our learning will be enhanced through the use of two thought-provoking books; The Arrival by Shaun Tan and King of the Sky by Nicola Davies. Both books promote brilliant discussion around the theme of refugees and moving to a new country.

We have spent some of our PE and Sport Premium funding on a permanent Orienteering course in the school grounds and will be testing it out this term. We will use these skills during our orienteering trip to Greenwich Park later in the term.

In Science, we will be continuing our learning on life cycles, this time focusing on plants. It is a great time of year to grow some plants at home; radishes, lettuce and spinach are fast growing and you can eat them too—yum!

What else will we be learning?

Grammar: Using colons, semicolons and ensuring correct subject/verb agreement

Writing: Persuasive letter, poetry and reflection writing

Mathematics: reading and interpreting data, converting measure, place value up to 1000000, using basic formulae and 3D shapes.

Science: Life cycles, levers, pulleys and gears

RE: Explaining how some teachings and beliefs are shared between religions

Personal Development: Identifying risks in our homes and local area (water, fire, transport and electricity

Relationship and Sex Education in Year 5

Schools are asked to prepare pupils for the physical and emotional changes they may experience as they grow older. Pupils in Year 5 will be taking part in a sequence of lessons designed to help them understand the changes young people may experience through puberty. These lessons are non-statutory and you have the right to withdraw your child if you wish; however, while you can withdraw your child from the lessons, they cannot be withdrawn from playground chatter.

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