Year 5

We are now continuing our Treason and Treachery theme by moving onto the captivating story of Guy Fawkes. We hope that your children have shared their learning so far with you, prompted by the recent firework displays. We will be using lino to create prints of the Houses of Parliament, investigating the motive behind Guy Fawkes’ plan and writing diary entries and newspaper reports based on the events leading up to the 5th November.


Our focus on setting descriptions will enable the children to improve their use of figurative language and range of sentence structures. Following this, we will learn how to write personal and emotive diary entries including phrases used in the Shakespearean era. Towards the end of the Autumn Term, we will improve our use of quotations when writing newspaper reports.


This half term we are focusing on:

· Fractions and decimals

· Short and long division

· Short and long multiplication

· Problem solving

Physical Education and other subjects

PE: basketball and dance (the Haka)

PD: our role in society

RE: the Christmas story

Science: properties of materials

Art/DT: print and food technology


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