Year 5

This term in Year 5, we will be learning about Nepal. Our learning will focus on Gurkha soldiers and will work towards a class debate about whether Gurkha soldiers should receive the same benefits as British soldiers. As well as this, the children will be extending their knowledge of Nepal by:

· Using online maps and atlases

· Making and trying dishes, such as red lentil dahl and potato curry

· Interviewing people who are from Nepal or who have visited the country

· Learning about Mount Everest and some of the amazing stories of people who have climbed it

· Enjoying an immersive day of sport, craft and cooking.

In Science, Year 5 will be conducting a range of mini investigations linked to properties of materials that will increase their independence and enjoyment of hands-on investigations.

In PE, we will be honing our gymnastics and athletics skills ready for Sports Day.

During Personal Development lessons, we will be focusing on how to maintain positive friendships and discussing practical strategies we can use if a friendship turns sour.

Arts Week

During the last week of Summer 1 and the first week of Summer 2, Year 5 (along with the rest of the school) will enjoy their annual Arts Weeks.

The theme this year is ‘Musicals’ so the children can look forward to a range of activities from painting, drawing and sketching to modelling, collaging and felting. They will also have the chance to experience dance and drama linked to their theme.


  • Verbs, conjunctions, expanded noun phrases, speech punctuation


We will practise the following skills through writing a magazine article and short narrative:

· Understand the differences between formal and informal language

· Use a range of strategies to write persuasively

· Proof-read their own writing looking for spelling and grammatical errors

· Identify the audience for and purpose of the writing


· Understand and use approximate equivalences between metric units and common imperial units such as inches, pounds and pints.

· Convert between different units of metric measure e.g. km am m, cm and m, cm and mm, l and ml.

· Use all four operations to solve problems involving measure e.g. length, mass, volume, money and units of time, using decimal notation, including scaling and converting.

· Multiply and divide whole numbers and those involving decimals by 10, 100 and 1000


  • Understanding the core principles of the Hindu faith and     retelling a Hindu story.


  • Investigative skills linked to properties of materials


  • Arts Week

 Food Technology

  • Cooking and adapting 2 Nepalese recipes


  • Coding our own avatars and understanding what ‘cookies’ are and whether we should accept them or not


  • Compare the physical and human features of Nepal to the UK


Relationship and Sex Education in Year 5

Schools are asked to prepare pupils for the physical and emotional changes they may experience as they grow older. Pupils in Year 5 will be taking part in a sequence of lessons designed to help them understand the changes young people may experience through puberty. These lessons are non-statutory and you have the right to withdraw your child if you wish; however, while you can withdraw your child from the lessons, they cannot be withdrawn from playground chatter.

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