Year 5

What are we learning about this half term in Year 5?

For the second half of the Summer Term in Year 5 we shall be focusing our learning on the famous maiden voyage of the ocean liner, The Titanic and some of the people who tragically lost their lives. Using the texts, SOS Titanic by Evie Bunting, Titanic: My Story by Ellen White and Titanic (Survivor) by Stephen Davies. 


In English we shall be focusing on Diary writing, recounts (a sequential re-telling of events based on the last journey of The Titanic), balanced arguments and newspaper reports.

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

In this area of English we will be looking at homophones and near homophones, colons to introduce lists, colons to mark boundaries between independent clauses, hyphens to avoid ambiguity, commas to clarify meaning and brackets to indicate parenthesis.


This second half of the Summer Term we shall be improving our understanding of angles, volume and capacity, statistics, negative numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages.


We will be investigating different materials, floating and sinking. We will also be visiting Greenwich to look at ships.


In History and Geography we shall be researching the locations where the Titanic visited (and should have visited!), using sources of information to find out about the past and places events on a timeline.


We will be focusing our attention on Hinduism, looking at some of their beliefs and customs.


We will be creating a Level 3 game using the Scratch program.


We shall be improving our skills in cricket and athletics.


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