Year 3

This term, in Year Three, our half term topic is ‘The Iron Man’. Our learning will be linked to the well-known text written by Ted Hughes, also called, The Iron Man.


The children will use drama to understand how a character feels during different events of a story. They will learn about play scripts and how and why they are written. The children will be planning and writing their own play scripts based on The Iron Man. As part of this writing, the children will use embedded and subordinate clauses. In addition, we shall be performing poetry using instruments and a clear tone of voice.


The children will be testing their knowledge of the x3, x4, x6 and x8 times tables and the related division facts. They shall be reviewing their knowledge of 2D shape, calculating perimeter in centimetres. The children continue to use written methods (column method, grid method) to calculate. The children will also be solving problems, involving money, explaining their reasoning and how they reached an answer to a calculation.


In Science, the children will be sharing what they already know about forces and magnets. They will further their understanding and explore how magnets work, finding out which materials are magnetic. The children will learn about why magnets attract or repel, and conduct an investigation to find out which magnet is the strongest.


As part of the RE program, the children will continue with their learning about Buddhism. They will find out about the Buddhist way of life and understand how and why Buddhists worship and where worship takes place.


In Music, the children use percussion instruments to make a soundtrack for an animation of the Iron Man. They will continue to develop their rhythm skills. As we approach the end of this academic year, the Year 3 children will sing alongside the Year 2 children to help them with their transition to the Manor Way site.


In this final Summer Term, Chestnut class will continue to have their swimming lessons. Both Walnut and Pine classes will practise their games skills, working together as a team.


This term the children will be researching real life robots and find out how they work. They will explore robotics and how they help us in everyday life. The children will design and make their own model robots, using an electrical circuit to bring them to life. Afterwards, the children shall be testing and evaluating each robot model after making.

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