Year 3

This second half of the Spring Term, in Year Three, our half term topic is the Aztecs. We will using historical sources to find out about the Aztec way of life and using an atlas to find out where the Aztecs lived in the world.


What we will do:

  •  Research through secondary sources what life was like in Aztec times.
  •  Use drama and role play to re-enact different ways of life.
  • Use topical words and phrases correctly when describing what life was like in Aztec times.


What we will do:

  •  Continue to count in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s and 8s.
  •  Begin to count in 50s, making links to number patterns we already know.
  •  Recognise the value of British currency.
  •  Add units of money together and use subtraction to work out change.
  •  Continue to use written methods (column method, grid method) to calculate.


What we will do:

  •  Share what we already know about health and growth.
  •  Learn about the different food groups and the benefits or hindrances of each group.
  •  Find out why it is important to eat a balanced diet and how food is used within our bodies.
  •  Compare different animal diets, considering why animals need a balanced diet.


What we will do:

  •  Place the Aztec time period on a timeline.
  •  Learn about the Aztec way of life, the settlements they lived in and the Aztec society.
  •   Find out about who conquered the Aztecs and what happened to their society.


What we will do:

  •  Locate where cocoa beans are grown on a world map.
  •  Understand what the term Fairtrade means and how it affects farmers around the world.


What we will do:

  •  Develop our balance, strength and body control learning yoga poses, combining movements to make a sequence.
  •  Chestnut and Olive will continue to have swimming lessons.


What we will do:

  • Investigate Aztec patterns and design our own geometric patterns.
  • Learn what a cross stitch and a back stitch are.
  • Stitch our Aztec design on to material, including Binca and felt.


  • We will be looking at different religious wedding ceremonies and exploring their similarities and differences. We will also learn about legal marriages in England.


We will be representing sound as symbols and writing our own music as well as dictating rhythms and graphic scores.


In French this half term, we will be learning the French alphabet and some objects they would often find in the classroom.


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