Year 3

 This first half of the Summer Term we are going to looking towards the future and why we recycle.


What we will do:

  • Use clips from the film ‘Wall-E’ to support our understanding of how we dispose of waste and the effect on the environment.
  • Explain what recycling is and ways we can promote recycling at home and at school.
  • Look at how social media can be used as a platform to promote recycling.



What we will do:

  • Recap and continue to learn about fractions and learn what an equivalent fraction is.
  • Begin to add and subtract fractions.
  • Show fractions as a decimal.
  • Order fractions from smallest to largest and place on a number line.
  • Recap telling the time to the nearest minute.
  • Solve problems involving time.
  • Begin to tell the time using the 24 hour clock.



What we will do:

  • Learn what a plant needs to grow well and plant and tend to our own seeds in the school garden.
  • Learn the names of parts of a flower and label a diagram of a flower correctly.
  • Understand the life cycle of a flowering plant.
  • Investigate how water travels through a plant.



What we will do:

  •  Look at our local area and identify features using observations and map work.
  • Know the names of the countries that make up

Great Britain and locate them on a map and use N, S, E , W to describe their position to each other.



What we will do:

  •  Design a small character from recyclable materials.
  • Use stop start animation to record a sequence using our character.



What we will do:

  •  Explore how our bodies move in yoga and learn different stretches and balances.
  • Learn how to pass a ball and shoot towards a goal using a hockey stick.



What we will do:

  •  Look at the religion of Buddhism and learn about who Buddha was.
  • Lean about the life of Buddha and his teachings.
  • Listen to and reflect on Buddhist stories such as Siddartha and the Swan.



In French this term, we will be learning the names of things we find in nature such as plants, flowers and animals. We will learn songs and rhymes to support us in our learning.


In Music, we will be using STOMP as our inspiration and using our instruments we made from recyclable materials to play a rhythm as an ensemble.


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