Year 1

This second half of the Spring Term we will be focusing on the Story, ‘The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water’ by Gemma Merino. We will be looking at how the crocodile feels and how he changes during the story.


We will be writing both diaries and newspaper articles. We will be finding our inner journalists to ask questions of witnesses and find out how people felt when the little crocodile realised who he really was as well as creating diary entries in character.


In Maths we will be continuing to look at the four operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will build on the techniques that we used before and continue to use a range of resources to answer questions as independently as possible. We will also focus on recognising and using money to make totals.


In Science we will be learning about the different seasons. We will focus on the changes each season brings and how this affects the length of the day and how plants grow.


This second half of the term we will be looking at ways of travelling, speed and direction and then using these skills within obstacle courses.  


This half term we will be learning about different habitats and environments using aerial photographs. We will identify and compare the important features.


This half term we will be learning about coding. We will use Beebots, coding caterpillars and the Scratch app to help with this.

Religious Education (R.E.)

This second half term we will be learning more about Christianity. We will look at the importance of stained glass windows and the stories that they tell.


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