Year 1

This second half of the Autumn Term in Year 1 we will be focusing on the book, Rosie Revere Engineer by Andrea Beaty. We will write our own alternative story about a futuristic invention, using adjectives and adverbials of manner.


This term we will be begin to write our own alternative stories based on ‘Rosie Revere Engineer’. We will retell the story and map out the key events. We will then write our own beginning, middle and end and incorporate a futuristic transport invention, where our character will take an exciting journey!


In Maths we will be learning about estimating and measuring height, weight and capacity. We will also use positional and directional language to help give and follow instructions when using a Beebot. We will then learn about partitioning numbers into tens and ones.


In Science we will be learning about the seasons. We will compare the four seasons and look at how weather changes throughout a day


This term we will be learning about how to balance in different ways through yoga and begin to learn how to play basketball.  


This term we will be learning about the different types of homes we find around the world. We will also be using atlases and globes to explore the different continents of the world.


This term we will be learning about how to input instructions into a computer. We will also be planning instructions using positional language and then using our plans to code an algorithm into a coding a Beebot.


This term we will be learning about Christianity. We will visit a local church and begin learning about some of the most important stories within the Bible.  


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