Year 1

This term in Year 1 we will be learning about animals in the rainforest and exploring non-fiction texts to find out more about them. Our learning will be based around the book ‘Rumble in the Jungle’.


We will be looking at riddles and rhyme and writing our own riddles to describe different animals. We shall be exploring the features of a diary and be writing our own diaries. In addition, we will be investigating the structures of fact files and reports to learn how to create our own. To improve our understanding in spelling and punctuation, we will discuss and sort the different word families including verbs, nouns and adjectives; sequencing pieces of writing in order and using capital letters and full stops to improve it will also be a focus this term.


This term we will continue to improve our skills in addition and subtraction using number lines and learning to identify number bonds to 20.We will learn how to divide and share numbers into equal groups and record using the symbol ÷. In addition, we shall be solving word problems by identifying the important information and record in steps.  


In PE we will think about how to move in different ways and change speed and direction appropriately. Practising balancing and moving on the apparatus and creating our own races and courses will also be a focus this term.


To further improve our understanding of different faiths we will investigate different religious celebrations and festivals. We will look at the history and reasons behind the celebrations and festivals and why people celebrate them.

Personal Development

We will be discussing how we can all be effective learners and recognising and celebrating our individual successes and achievements.


In Science we will be labeling and comparing animal bodies with human bodies and investigating different diets such as herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. In addition, we shall also be looking at food chains and identifying the prey and the predators. 

Year 1 Newsletter Autumn 2016

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