Year 1

This first half of the Spring Term we will be focusing on the Story, ‘Turtle, Turtle Watch Out’ by April Pulley Sayre. We will be looking at the impact that humans have on the environment and about some animal conservationists.  


We will start by writing our own alliterative poems. We will focus on using adventurous adjectives to describe different animals that live in the ocean before creating fact files and posters on how we can help look after our environment.


In Maths we will be revisiting our work on addition and subtraction before beginning to explore multiplication and division. We will use different objects and strategies such as Numicon and arrays to help with this and begin to solve word problems.  


In Science we will be learning about animals. We will begin by sorting animals in to groups such as mammals and reptiles and then explore the different types of foods that they eat.


This term we will be learning about how to tell a story through dance. We shall also continue to learn how to balance, travel, jump and land on apparatus.


This term we will learn about the lives of David Attenborough and Jane Goodall and how they have helped support wildlife during their lives.


We will be learning about the significant celebrations that take place for a variety of different religious groups.


For this first half term we will be creating pictures of animals using a paint programme and typing descriptions about them using word.    


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