At Bannockburn, we believe that children in Reception learn best by 'doing'. Reception is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and is based on the four main principles of the Early Years Profile; a unique child, positive relations, learning developments and enabling environments.

Over the first half of the Summer Term our learning will stem from the story, ‘Princess Swashbuckle’ written by Hollie Hughes.  

We will be sequencing parts of the story and looking closely at the characters, thinking about the different jobs they do. We will be looking at the features of a diary, writing our own diary entries and using our imagination to act them out. We will be looking at the features of a diary, writing our own diary entries and using our imagination to act them out.   

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

What we will do: Focus on our feelings and emotions by discussing the Zones of Regulation. We will think about the different emotions and what can make us feel a certain way. Within class we will make a calming area the children can go to if they feel sad, tired or need to relax.


What we will do: Explore numbers 17-20, thinking about the different ways we can make these numbers and how to form them correctly. Continue to practise addition and subtraction in the form of word sentences. We will be looking at positional and directional language when making our own treasure maps. We will be looking at data and thinking about the ways data can be represented.


What we will do: Look at a new core text and sequence the story, thinking about what happens at the beginning, middle and end. We will look at different characters in the story and write speech bubbles for each character. We will be looking at the features of a diary and write a diary entry relating to the day of a pirate.

Understanding the World

What we will do: Make predictions and think about objects that will float and sink, giving reasons why. Think about the daily routine of a pirate and what challenges they face, for example the weather and the seasons. We will categorise different weather to the correct season.

Physical Development

What we will do: Think about how we can look after our bodies in terms of healthy and unhealthy foods. We will be sorting foods into healthy and unhealthy categories and making shopping lists with healthy foods. We will practise our fine motor skills by making healthy food collages.

Communication and Language

What we will do: We will be looking at pirates and how the pirate in our core text is a girl. We will be discussing and challenging stereotypes, linking our discussions to different occupations, clothing and colour choices for boys and girls.  

Creative Arts and Design

What we will do: Use drama to act out diary entries. Make our own pirate ships, pirate hats, watercolour pictures and treasure maps using tea stained paper.


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