At Bannockburn, we believe that children in Reception learn best by 'doing'. Reception is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and is based on the four main principles of the Early Years Profile; a unique child, positive relations, learning developments and enabling environments.

Over this second half of the Autumn Term we will be exploring the topic ‘People Who Help Us’ and discussing our aspirations for the future.

We will look at a variety of different occupations through the book series ‘People Who Help Us’ written by Amanda Askew.

Communication and Language

What we will do: Talk about how to get help in an emergency and role play different scenarios to show what you would do. Discuss what we would like to be when we are older and explain why.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

What we will do: Think about who helps us, at home, in the community and how we can help others too. Look at how to be safe when using the road and practise crossing them safely.

Understanding the World

What we will do: Look at a variety of occupations, talking about their roles, uniforms and equipment. Use computers to draw.

Physical Development

What we will do: Practise putting on clothes independently using buttons and zips. Practise holding our pencils correctly to form letters and using scissors safely to cut materials. Negotiate space in different obstacle courses, changing speed and direction.


What we will do: Learn about the features of letters and greeting cards to write our own to people who help us. Focus on forming our letters correctly and blending sounds to read and write sentences.


What we will do: Explore time and practise telling o’clock and half past times. Look at different ways to measure objects, and order the, by weight. Practise writing numbers to 20 and find one more and less.

Expressive Arts and Design

What we will do: Use junk modelling materials to make emergency vehicles and use drawing and collaging to make pictures. Use instruments to make different sounds for emergencies. 

Reception Newsletter - Autumn Term Nov 2017

Reading in Reception