Return to School - Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that this email finds you well.

Firstly, I would like to say goodbye on behalf of all the staff and children at Bannockburn to our fantastic Year 6 pupils who have really made us very proud over the years with how they have developed into such lovely young people. We are sad that we were unable to offer the usual Bannockburn traditions, however, the children have coped with the changes admirably well. We managed a socially distanced ‘exit tunnel’ which was a lovely way to round off the last day – thank you to those parents and carers who came to support the children by clapping from a distance. I am pleased the sunshine came out for your Leavers’ Picnic too!

Year 6 Leavers Photo

All for those Year 6 pupils who have just left we would like to invite them back to Bannockburn for a special photo opportunity on Tuesday 1st September. We would like the children to return to Bannockburn wearing their new secondary school uniform for a unique 'whole year group' photograph. More details will be emailed out closer to the day.

We are currently planning the September start and will update you with any changes and risk assessment updates as time goes on. As with all lockdown updates, these will be found either on the website under Latest News or Working Together. Please make sure that you check all documents published prior to bringing your children back in September. There are likely to be some useful answers to your questions and also changes to how we normally start the year.

Years 1-6 will be returning to school on Thursday 3rd September.

Much like our current risk assessment, the updated one will have detailed plans for the start and end of day, lunch and finish times, to avoid congestion and to keep groups of children apart from other groups as much as is possible. We will be creating our Risk Assessment based on Year Group ‘bubbles’.

We will be continuing with the increased hand-washing expectations and will be cleaning touch points, chairs, tables and resources used throughout each day. All classrooms have a sink with a soap dispenser, paper towels and a pedal bin, as well as boxes of tissues, hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial spray/wipes for the adults to use when necessary.

All tables will be forward-facing where possible in Yr 1–6 classrooms, but it is no longer possible to have all children sitting 2m apart. Distancing in classrooms will not be possible with 30 children, but all activities planned will minimise the need for children to work closely together or facing each other, and windows will be open. Teachers will be expected to work mainly from the front of the class, and if teachers or teaching assistants work with individuals or small groups, they will be expected to sit at least 1m away from them or wear a clear face mask, and not to stay with them for extended periods.

We will send further dates and guidance for Nursery and Reception at a later date.

We will continue to ask parents/carers not to come onto the school premises, at the start of the day or into the school, at any time, unless an appointment has been made. Please use the blue ‘Parent Post’ boxes positioned outside the main entrances.

We will have adults positioned at the start and end of day, to guide the children and make sure they are spaced apart and go straight to their classrooms, where their teacher will be waiting for them and will register them. Please be punctual and also patient throughout the changes ahead.

Gates for the Start of the Day

We will extend the times of gate opening at the start of term to allow children and adults to adjust to the temporary changes and these will gradually revert back to the timings and gates on the website. Please do not leave children in Nursery to Year 4 on their own, outside of school.  Always drop off your youngest child first.  It is advisable to not drive to school to ensure that our children are safe and our roads are not congested.

Year Group




Camrose Street

Line up to the right of the Nursery entrance, facing school (towards Forest school).


(Cherry & Orange)

High Street

Line up to the left of the entrance, facing school (towards Bannockburn Road).


(Apple and Pear)

Ceres Road

Line up to the left of the entrance, facing school.

Year 1

Ceres Road

Line up to the right of the entrance, facing school (towards Bannockburn Road).

Year 2

Bannockburn Road

Line up to the left of the entrance and around the corner of Ceres Road, facing school. We will ask you to exit to the left when leaving and so avoiding the line towards Ceres Road.

Year 3

Church Manor Way

Line up to the right of the entrance, facing school. Children will be entering via The Lodge.

Year 4

Manton Road

Line up to the left of the entrance, facing school (towards Forest School).

Year 5

Camrose Street

Line up to the right of the playground entrance, facing school (towards Forest School).

Year 6

Church Manor Way

Line up to the left of the entrance, facing school (towards the bus stop/carpark).


Scooter/Bike Storage

HS – Enter using the gate by the bus stop

MW – Enter from the right side of the gate (facing school) to avoid the Year 4 line

Lunch Times and Play Times

For the first month, children will either eat in their classrooms or outside, dependent on timetables and the weather. School lunches will be a packed lunch/picnic style delivered to classrooms to enable all children to remain in their ‘bubble’s.

Each class will have an allocated zone and children will not be allowed to play with children from other year groups.


Each class will have a set of toilets that they will be expected to use. We will talk to the children about toilet hygiene and adults will monitor the use of toilets.

The Curriculum

When the children return to school, they will all have had very different experiences over the last 6 months – some a lot more positive than others. Some children will be excited to return and will embrace change, whereas some may be anxious. Therefore, the curriculum will include additional PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education) to reassure children that it is safe to be back in school, and to give them the opportunity to make sense of what has happened and to talk about their experiences if they want to.

The teachers have also worked very hard to complete ‘gaps analysis’ for all children to ensure that they get a good starting point with their learning. This will be supported through teacher assessment when children return. Parent/Carer Evenings will be earlier this year to enable you to discuss your child’s progress and targets going forward (21st and 22nd October).

The Inclusion Team will continue to support all children with additional needs. You will be contacted in September if your child’s structure of the school day has been tailored for their needs.

School Uniform

All children will be expected to wear school uniform from 3rd September. To save children bringing PE kits in and out of school, children are permitted to wear their PE kit to school for the whole day on PE days. We will let you know which days your child has PE in September and remind the children the day before.  Please make sure that they have PE shorts and trousers at home ready to be dressed for whatever the weather may bring.

Children should not wear any jewellery, including watches, for hygiene purposes.

Books and Stationery

All children will be provided with a plastic zip wallet and/or resources box which they will keep by their desk.

All children are expected to bring a named water bottle into school each day. This will be kept on their desk and will be re-filled if necessary. All school water fountains will be taped off and unable to be used.

Mobile phones should only be brought to school if your child walks home on their own, for which we need to have written and signed permission. These will be kept in your child’s classroom. Please note – you will be unable to drop forgotten items off during the school day.


Each classroom, the medical room and the school office has a collection of gloves, visors and aprons that will be used if a member of staff needs to deal with a toileting or first aid incident.

Children will not wear face masks in or around the school building. This is Government advice, due to the fact that they are being taught in ‘bubbles’. For those of you who travel to and from school by Public Transport, you will have to wear a mask when travelling. This mask will need to be removed from your child (using the ear hooks) and given to the adult they have travelled with.

Year 5 and 6 Children

Year 5 and 6 children will be permitted to travel to school on their own if they are walking or cycling/scooting. We will monitor the roads outside of school to check that all children are travelling and waiting outside school safely. We will contact the parents/carers of any child that is not able to follow current guidelines, and request that they are brought to school by an adult. 

It is not advisable for children to travel on their own using public transport during this current time.

Collection at the end of the Day

These will take place on the playgrounds and there will be signs for each class collection point.

We ask that children in ALL year groups, including Year 5 and 6, are collected at the end of the day, until further notice, by an adult from their contacts list. This is to ensure that children return safely home and do not break their ‘bubble’ by meeting up with children outside of school, visiting shops or fast food outlets.

Children are asked to bring a reading book in their bag every day.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

We will look to resume extra-curricular clubs after October Half Term.

Breakfast Club and After School Club

We are currently opening:

HS Breakfast Club to those that will be in Year 1 in September and their siblings in Year 2.

MW Breakfast Club to those that will be in Year 3 in September and their siblings in Years 4-6

HS After School Club to those in Year 1 and their siblings in Years 2-6.

As soon as we are able to open to a wider amount of households/bubbles, we will let you know.

Please note, there will be no walking bus until further notice.

Safeguarding & Wellbeing

As a school we want to make sure that you are safe and happy. If anything is worrying you, please contact the school and ask for a member of our safeguarding team to respond.

Please keep yourself up to date with any changes or useful knowledge regarding keeping safe through the ‘SaferSchools’ APP. Please see Latest News for how to access this APP (School Update Number 19).

Attendance & Punctuality

It is our expectation that children will be in school every day and on time. This will ensure that we can follow the school timetable for the ‘bubbles’ and therefore keep everyone safe.

Please make sure that you contact the school attendance line as soon as your child becomes unwell.

What happens if a child becomes ill?

If you think your child has a temperature, a new and persistent cough or has lost their sense of taste or smell, you must not send them to school. You should get them tested for Covid-19 and must inform the school of the outcome. If a child becomes ill at school, we will take them to the Gazebo and take their temperature. If they fall outside the ‘normal’ range of 36.5 – 37.5 degrees Celsius, we will phone the parent and ask them to take the child home and get them tested. If the test comes back positive, they will need to self-isolate for 7 days. We will alert the parents of the child’s class and the whole class and their families will need to isolate for 14 days.

Helping to prepare your child

It would be helpful if all parents talk to their children about the following before they come back:

  • Washing hands thoroughly and often is still the most important thing we can all do to keep ourselves safe. They will be expected to do this at school on arrival, every time they come back to their classroom from outside or from another room, before they eat lunch and before they go home.
  • If they need to sneeze or blow their nose, they should do so into a tissue, fold it over and place it immediately into the pedal bin in the classroom. If they do not have a tissue and they need to sneeze, they should do so into their elbow and should make sure that they wash this and their mouth immediately. If they need to cough or sneeze, they must make sure that they do not do it facing another child or adult.
  • Children will not be able to have physical contact with each other when they are at school – this includes games and sharing equipment.
  • It would support school and the community in reducing the spread of illness, if children were to also reduce mixing of year group bubbles outside of school.
  • Please tell any child who is worried that this is a perfectly normal feeling to have and that all the teachers will look after them and keep them safe.
  • Make sure everything is marked with your full name. We do not take responsibility for belongings.


We will continue to follow our behaviour policy to ensure the safety of everyone.  If a child can not follow current guidelines, we will review the structure of their school day and possibly look to offer an alternative arrangement.

The children that were with us since Lockdown were an excellent example of wanting to do the right thing and this meant that they could focus on their teaching and learning, while keeping others safe. We are sure that children returning in September will do the same.

As you know, updates and guidelines continually change and we will have to adapt as they do.  Please make sure that your mobile number, email and home address are accurate so that you receive alerts for any updates.

Wishing you all a fabulous summer and we look forward to being back together on September 3rd.

Kind regards,

Mrs Rachel Ford


Bannockburn Primary School