School Closure - Update Number 21

Dear Parents and Carers,

RE: Arrangements for possible school reopening for Yr6, Yr1 and Reception

I am writing to provide you with a brief update of the plans being put in place for a phased reopening of school. As I am sure you will appreciate, the situation as regards reopening schools is both complex and fluid, with changes and new guidance appearing daily. You will be aware from the media that the dates set out could be delayed if certain conditions are not met at any stage, with any changes announced at least 48 hours in advance and so potentially at very short notice. This is very challenging for schools and I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as staff put systems and strategies in place to prepare school for opening.

Some points of clarification:

  • As you are aware, our school buildings can only accommodate limited numbers of children with social distancing measures in place. The splitting of classes into smaller group increases the number of staff required and this needs to be considered when planning a reopening schedule.
  • We will contact families individually to discuss their child’s return and offer a place, should this be available. Number of children’s places will depend on the number of staff that are able to attend and also the amount of space. Please be patient and wait for us to contact you.
  • Some parents have asked if their children can return to school after the designated return date for the year group. This will not be possible. Pupils will be placed in small groups when they return with no more than 10-14 pupils per classroom. These groups will stay as ‘classes’ throughout the rest of the Summer term. There will be no mixing of groups. No child can be admitted to the group at a later date. If anyone in the group falls ill with COVID-19 then the whole group will self-isolate for 7-14 days depending on guidance at the time of symptoms.
  • Please be aware that the initial timetable planned for start dates may be revised dependent on updated guidance. We will keep you updated.
  • As stated previously there will be no fines or repercussions for families that choose not to send their children back before the end of the Summer Term.  We will continue to update the online learning and stay in communication where possible.
  • In line with our current school risk assessment, the school may remove a child’s place, without notice, if any guidelines cannot be adhered to.

Below is a brief table of answers to FAQs for parents and children.  We have not included everything from our risk assessment as this currently stands at 19 pages but have taken the parts that will allow you to make a considered decision regarding your child.



  • To walk or drive to school (no public transport).
  • We will not be able to offer storage for scooters and bikes.
  • One member of own household to drop and collect – there will be no ‘home alone’ children.
  • Any family/child not social distancing on arrival and dismissal will be removed from the register for 14 days.
  • If on register of attendance and can claim the FSM vouchers, then the vouchers will cease as school will provide a lunch for your child/ren.
  • Please ensure that you continue to exercise as a family – there will be limited/no PE in school.
  • Prepay for any lunch requirements at a cost of £2.20 per day – these will be packed lunches.
  • Need to adhere to Government Guidelines as a family at all times.
  • When arriving at school we will ask your household to stand by each fence post for social distancing (queue to the right of the gate facing school and release to the left, facing school).
  • If highly anxious it may be your decision that your child is better to stay at home – need to consider their mental health and yours.
  • We can minimise risks but not eliminate.
  • Aiming for 1 Teacher and 1 TA per class who will stay with their class throughout (maximum of 14).
  • If a staff member or child in class is unwell, all class parents/carers will be contacted and that class closed for 7 days.  The individual with symptoms to self-isolate for 14 days. If this happens, we will contact parents by 7.30am. However, we are reliant on receiving the information prior to then. If child/adult is tested and does not have Covid-19 then they can return earlier.
  • There will be no Breakfast and After School Clubs – the school hours will be staggered and reduced.
  • We will encourage for all children and adults to be tested prior to starting.
  • Any arriving to school outside of the set gate times, will not be admitted after their gate has closed.
  • Any collection beyond set gate times may result in place being removed due to our procedures of social distancing for all children on site. If late collection, the child will wait outside MW entrance with their designated adult so as not to come into contact with any other adults, children or parts of the school.
  • Parents will be able to phone main school line at HS from Monday 8th June. 02088542169
  • Packed Lunch bags only (if not having school packed lunch). Universal Meals (Rec/Yr1) and FSM are entitled to a free meal. No other bags in school.
  • If children are reluctant to come in, then staff will be unable to take their hand and you will need to return home with them.
  • Wash hands/sanitiser on arrival.
  • Own zip lock with own stationary will be provided in school.
  • Labelled own desk – socially distanced.
  • Packed lunch at table or at a distance outside.
  • No phones or keys.
  • No walk to or from school without an adult from their household.
  • No one younger than aged 5 to attend due to current age limited testing.
  • To clean hands prior to after using the central areas e.g. toilets and water coolers.
  • Allocate class group on arrival and the group does not change.
  • Behaviour Policy will be adapted for current situation – including ‘no touch’. Place will be instantly removed if not following adult instructions and guidance.
  • Play times may not be possible some days – equipment cannot be used, including outside Gym. Children will not play ‘together’.
  • Bring own named water bottles (disposable cups will be provided if they forget).
  • Each child will be risk assessed prior to offering a place and also throughout their time here.
  • Need to adhere to school risk assessment.
  • Handwashing is better than gloves.
  • Children will need to be prepared for the different set up – for some children, the rules in place could cause them distress.  Children and parents/carers to discuss their return and talk through that the school day will not be as they remember it.
  • Children to wear sticker with class name on so we can clearly see if in the wrong place.
  • Children walk with 3 steps between them up the stairs.
  • Clothing to be washed every day if possible at home and children to wash on entry to home (shower/bath).
  • Wear school uniform including shoes to prevent accidents.
  • Packed lunch to be kept under table.