Manor Way Gate Opening Times

From tomorrow (Friday 7th February) the Camrose Street gate will be open in the morning from 08:45am and closing at the earlier time of 08:58am. This is to ensure that the children are in class ready for registration at 09:00am. Any children who arrive at the Camrose Street gate after 8:58am will need to walk around to the Church Manor Way entrance.

The Nursery gate used in the morning will now be opening at the slightly earlier time of 8:50am to allow parents/carers plenty of time to drop off their children and vacate the site before the gate closes at 08:58am.

At dismissal, both Manton Road and Camrose Street gates will be opening at the later time of 3:10pm. Both gates continue to be closed at the usual time of 3:30pm. If any parent is still on site after 3:30pm they will need to exit via the School Office.