Entrance and Exit to MW site

As of Monday 17th December we are asking children who attend our Manor Way site to enter and exit the school premises in an alternative way, this is due to the boundary fence on Camrose Street being replaced.

Morning Drop Off: Enter via the gate on Manton Road, gate will be open at 8:45am

After School Collection: Via the gate on Manton Road, this gate will be open at 3:05pm, alternatively via the gate on Church Manor Way, this gate will be open at 3:05pm.

We are asking parents to only press the office buzzer if they need to come to the office, not to gain access to the playground.

We are asking parents and carers to do this until 21st January, when the boundary fence works will be completed. Please note that there will be no access at all via the Camrose Street gates until this work has been completed.