Home Learning

Home Learning - A Blended Learning Approach
In order to support those children who are unable to attend school, during the Pandemic, Bannockburn is developing a Blended Learning programme by delivering instructional content which includes the use of planned tasks, video and online learning. 
While we believe that children learn best in school with their peers and teachers, we understand that the current situation has meant that we continue to offer some adaptations to the traditional classroom to enable children constant enrichment if they are having to 'isolate' due to Covid 19. Please continue to follow guidance regarding when children should be kept at home. Good attendance to school is vital for their development academically, socially, emotionally and physically.
What is Blended Learning?
Blended Learning is an approach which means we move away from the idea of learning only taking place in a whole class setting to also include an individual learning space at home. Blended learning combines video and other IT resources with more traditional classroom teaching methods in school. With Blended Learning the child has some degree of control over when they access the content at home. The resulting home learning space is transformed into a more individualised learning environment where the school can continue to offer guidance even though the children are not able to be in class. Please be aware that school staff and class teachers will be teaching throughout the school day and we will not be linking children to their classrooms with online learning.  This is for safeguarding purposes.
Why have Blended Learning?
It is vitally important that we maximise the amount of learning opportunities for all children in order to recover some of the lost learning during lockdown. Bannockburn is looking to ensure children are not left out of the learning environment, regardless of whether they are in school or needing to self-isolate at home.
All children in Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6) have access to various online learning apps, such as Reading EggsMathletics and Times Table Rockstars, all of which support your child’s learning at home. Each child is given their own log-in and password to access these apps.
For children in the Early Years, your child's Team Leader will contact you with a variety of options and activities when required. 
In most cases we can offer those families currently self-isolating and unable to come to school, the option of having home learning delivered to where you live.
The time children have at home can also allow them opportunities to read more widely. The school hold reading lists and resources both online and off to enable our pupils to continue their reading beyond the immediate curriculum. It is also important that children are given time to share their home learning experiences when they are back with their peers, enabling them to build some of those relationships again on their return to school.
Please do not worry if your child sometimes finds the work given to them a bit tricky to complete independently. If you would like them to have a try at some other activities, which are easier, that is fine. It is often easier to learn independence by completing work that is a bit easier which then builds confidence. The same can be said for challenge too, so if your child is feeling confident, then let them dip into the activities or tasks that look more challenging.
We are here to support you and to continue working together while we all adapt to this unique start to a school year.