Family Liaison Officer

S Hook

My name is Mrs Hook and I am the Family Liaison Officer (FLO) at Bannockburn Primary School.

The role of a Family Liaison Officer (FLO) is to work in schools to provide advice and support service for parents/carers and families.

I try to work closely with parents on issues that may be impacting on themselves and/or their child's well-being.  I can offer support and advice on a wide range of issues and can signpost parents towards outside agencies if required.

Part of my role is to work closely with all staff, outside agencies and organisations to improve opportunities for children and their families at our school. An integral part of my role is linking families with other agencies, both statutory and non-statutory such as school nurses, parenting workshops/ programmes, counselling services, finance advice services, parent support groups, to name a few!

Sometimes, the stresses of everyday life can be overwhelming for all of us and you may feel you just need to talk these through with someone.  You may need help with social and emotional wellbeing, including grief and loss, parental separation, parenting, absence and lateness, behaviour and other issues outside of these. Please feel free to come in and talk to me either on the playground, our coffee mornings or through a prearranged meeting.

You can contact me in person through the school office or by the school telephone number 0208 854 2169.