Year 6

After focusing on the life and wonder of the ancient Maya, our focus now shifts to the courageous explorers who have dedicated their lives to finding out more about impressive and dangerous animals and inaccessible places.

We will b concentrating our attention on Steve Backshall and Bear Grylls, both famous explorers, who are most well-known for their television work such as ‘Deadly 60’ and ‘Man vs Wild. As naturalists and explorers, they also investigate the ways that landscapes are changing over time; this theme of changing climates will be explored in greater detail during our Science lessons and will result in the creation of our very own biomes.

We will also be learning about explorers of the past, including the Space Race and Genghis Khan, and how these historic events have helped to shape the world today.

Our writing opportunities for this half term all link to the life and achievements of Steve Backshall, Bear Grylls and mountaineering expeditions. You can get ahead with your knowledge by watching some of their   fascinating programmes.

Try searching online using YouTube for clips of  ’Lost Land of the Jaguar’ series  which is set in Guyana, South America or ‘Deadly 60’ a series where he meets the world’s most  deadly animals. For Grylls, look out for ‘Man vs Wild’ – a show full of survival tips.

Science, Computing & Mathematics

In Science, we will be exploring biomes and how plants and animals are adapted to survive there. To do this, we will consider the physical characteristics of living things and begin to develop a variety of investigations using a range of testable questions and materials, focusing on analysing and evaluating the results before suggesting areas for development and improvement..

In Computing, we will begin to develop our Word, Powerpoint and Publisher we shall develop our classification skills. We will learn how to hypothesis and conduct a skills.

In Mathematics, we will be focusing on division, order of operations, negative numbers, fractions and percentages. We will also continue to develop speed and fluency during arithmetic sessions.

English: Reading, Grammar and Writing

Using Steve Backshall’s and Bear Gryll’s adventures as our starting point, we will be developing our skills in    magazine writing. We will be writing a split vie magazine piece based on their lives and also a    short narrative detailing the adventures and explorations of mountaineers. We will be concentrating on using persuasive techniques and the formality of our writing and being able to choose and use formal and informal styles appropriately. In Reading, we will be developing our inference skills and learning how to interpret unfamiliar vocabulary in context.  We will continue to broaden our experience of different text types. In Grammar, we will be learning about plurals, apostrophes, phrases and clauses and a variety of punctuation marks.

P.E., Music, R.E. and Personal Development

In R.E., we will be exploring the values, morals and responsibilities of both adults and children within society and how religions support these.

In P.D., we will learn about the change in responsibilities as we grow and develop our abilities to stay safe when travelling during the winter months and beyond.

In P.E., we will be developing our gymnastic skills, including performing individually and in small groups. In Music, we will be preparing for the Christmas Performance.

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Year 6 Swimming Competency (2017-2018)

Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres - 90/129

Use a range of strokes effectively - 75/129

Perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations - 37/129