Year 6

Welcome back! After focusing on explorers and adventurers in Autumn Term, our focus now changes to those inspirational and inspiring figures that have helped to shape the world around us.

We will be focusing on a sporting context, studying both Olympians and Paralympians and looking carefully at their journey, struggles and successes.

During our Science lessons, will be learning about the human body and how lifestyle choices, diet and exercise can have a major impact. Alongside this, we will become Sports Scientists investigating how exercise can affect cardiovascular activity and fitness. We will also develop an understanding of what physical fitness is.

Furthermore, during PE, we will be developing our own personal fitness with a variety of circuit training activities and building up our stamina in preparation for the Bannockburn Fun Run on Sunday 29th March 2019!

Our writing opportunities for this half term link to former and current Paralympic and Olympic stars. You can get ahead with your knowledge by finding out about the sporting and personal   achievements of Ade Adepitan, Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Jonnie Peacock. Try searching online or visiting the local library to find out facts about the lives of these sporting icons.

Understanding the chronological journey of each athlete’s life will really benefit your learning experience. Can you discover which events they compete in?

Reading, Computing & Mathematics

In Reading, we will be honing our inference skills and learning how to evaluate and analyse how and why an author has made particular choices. We will continue to broaden our experience of different text types and use our increasing knowledge to write freely within a given context.

In Computing, we will begin by learning about anti-virus software and how this helps to keep our software safe. In addition, we will learn about spam emails and scam competitions and develop ways to protect our personal and private information online.

In Mathematics, we will be focusing on short and long division in a worded problem context and learning how fractions and percentages link. We will also explore how to simplify, add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions in a variety of contexts.

English: Writing and Grammar

Using the theme of modern day heroes and icons we will begin by writing a biography of Ade Adepitan learning about his life story and achievements. We will then progress on to magazine article writing, attempting to answer who is the greatest sporting hero — Jonnie Peacock or Katarina Johnson-Thompson? We will focus on writing in the 3rd person and making language choices to enthuse, engage and persuade our readers. In Grammar, we will be learning about present perfect verb forms, the active and passive voice, subordinating conjunctions for cause and effect and how to use semicolons and colons accurately. Each of these skills sessions will be linked to our writing.

Music, R.E. and RSE

In R.E., we will be continuing to explore the values, morals and responsibilities of Christianity and looking at the teachings of the Bible.

In RSE, we will be learning about gender stereotypes, disability and race before moving on to identity, body image and self-esteem. Should you have any questions relating to the RSE topics please attend the RSE Parent Meeting on Tuesday 21st January at 3.30pm at MW. Alternatively, please speak with your child’s teacher or with Mr Williams. 

In Music, we will be developing our composing and performing skills using instruments.


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Year 6 Swimming Competency (2018-2019)

Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres - 89/102

Use a range of strokes effectively - 79/102

Perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations - 41/102