After consultation with our parents Bannockburn created a homework scheme which encourages learning to take place outside of school, and that is linked to the current topic in class. Each half term the children will receive some homework suggestions that cover a variety of subjects. There are also suggestions of placing to visit that link to the topic.

Children are given the opportunity to select activities from the list provided. Tasks completed by the children are awarded points that the children record in their Homework Tracker. As the children gain points and add them to their homework tracker they will receive some incentives to keep trying, such as a 'Well Done' sticker, a special shiny homework pencil or a golden pen from the headteacher. For those pupils who achieve a maximum of 60 points by the end of the school year their names go onto the 'Diamond List', which is here on the website (see below) and 10 house points.

This homework scheme is not conpulsory; however, the school strongly recommends that the children continue their learning outside of the classroom.

Please click below to see the children who gained a maximum of 60 points. 

Diamond List 2017-18

Diamond List 2018-2019