At Bannockburn, we believe that children in Nursery learn best by 'doing'. Nursery is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage 9EYFS) and is based on four main principles of the Early Years Profile.


This term our key book is ‘Pizza For Pirates’ by Adam & Charlotte Guillian. George packs a pizza and heads out to sea. He goes on a swashbuckling adventure, finding strange creatures, treasure and pirates! 

Communication & Language

What we will do: Follow simple instructions to find treasure and describe features of a pirate.


What we will do: Design our own pirate ships and flags. Write a message in a bottle.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

What we will do: Encourage children to invite others to play with them. Explore the different feelings of characters throughout the story.

Understanding the World

What we will do: Explore objects that float and sink. Discuss other ways you can travel by water. Discuss different animals that live in the sea.

Expressive Arts & Design

What we will do: Making a variety of pirate props (hat, hook, eye patch, telescope) to support our role play as pirates.

Physical Development

What we will do: Complete a pirate obstacle course and make a healthy fruit kebab for a pirate.


What we will do: Sort treasure by colour, shape and size. Making pirates and ships using 2D shapes.


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