At Bannockburn, we believe that children in Nursery learn best by 'doing'. Nursery is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage 9EYFS) and is based on four main principles of the Early Years Profile.


For the second half of the Spring Term our key book is ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. This well-known story tells of Jack, who exchanges his cow for some magic beans. The beans grow overnight into a beanstalk which Jack climbs, arriving at a castle that belongs to the Giant.

Communication & Language

We will be following simple instructions to find the magic beans and describe features of the Giant.


In Literacy, we shall identify rhyming words, label parts of a plant and create a chant for the Giant.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

In Nursery we like to encourage other children to play with us. We will be exploring the different feelings of characters throughout the story.


Firstly, we will be ordering beanstalks by height. Then we are looking forward to working on our addition skills using magic beans. We shall also be measuring objects using cubes.

Understanding the World

We are going to grow our own beanstalks and learn what plants need to grow. We are also looking forward to using the Daisy the Dinosaur coding app.

Expressive Arts & Design

In the Expressive Arts we will create movement to represent each part of Jack and the Beanstalk. We are also going to be undertaking some observational paintings of flowers.

Physical Development

Using different writing tools we will practise some simple handwriting patterns. We are also going to improve our scissors skills to cut paper independently.

Nursery Newsletter - Spring Term 2 - Feb 2018