At Bannockburn, we believe that children in Nursery learn best by 'doing'. Nursery is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage 9EYFS) and is based on four main principles of the Early Years Profile.


Welcome back from the winter break; we hope you had a pleasant and restful time. This term our topic is ‘Land:  Where People Live’. We shall be basing our Literacy around the well-known traditional tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

Communication & Language

What we will do: talk about the homes of the ‘Three Little Pigs’; what they look like and what they are made from. Compare homes in contrasting parts of the world.


What we will do: describe our own homes and those of our families. Read books about people living in different countries and in different types of housing.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

What we will do: look at the weather where we live and compare it to weather in other countries. Discuss what we would wear during different types of weather.

Understanding the World

What we will do: look at the different types of houses both within the book and those around the world. Go on a ‘house hunt’ in the local area.

Expressive Arts & Design

What we will do: take pictures of the housing in the local area and use these to create a collage of Plumstead/Abbey Wood.

Physical Development

What we will do: visit the Forest School to collect natural materials, then use them to build our own ‘Little Pig’ houses.


What we will do: use positional language when playing hide and seek to describe where we find our peers. Find different ways of splitting amounts into two groups.


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