At Bannockburn, we believe that children in Nursery learn best by 'doing'. Nursery is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage 9EYFS) and is based on four main principles of the Early Years Profile.


For this second half of the Summer Term in Nursery our key book is ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra.  Supertato is on a mission to save his friends from the Evil Pea on the loose.

Communication & Language

What we will do:

Order events in the correct sequence using the language first, next and last. Discuss different superheroes and their super powers.


What we will do:

Design our own superhero and vehicle. Use our sounds to write CVC words and superhero words (Snap! Pow! Bam!)

Expressive Arts & Design

What we will do:

Print and paint with food from the story. Make characters from the story using vegetables, then use them for role play.

Understanding the World

What we will do:

Discuss similarities and differences between fruit and vegetables. Discover how fruit is grown and describing their life cycles. 

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

What we will do:

Follow instructions as we go on a ‘potato hunt’ in Forest School, including prepositions: over, under, behind, next. 

Physical Development

What we will do:

Learn how to use scissors, to cut shapes safely.  Rescue Evil Pea from jelly without using your hands.


What we will do: Create a class pictogram - What is your favourite fruit? Add two groups of fruit together, begin to use the language one more and less. 


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