At Bannockburn, we believe that children in Nursery learn best by 'doing'. Nursery is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage 9EYFS) and is based on four main principles of the Early Years Profile.


This term our key book is ‘Kitchen Disco’ by Clare Foges.  Throughout the story we meet a variety of fruit which come out of the fruit bowl to play.

Communication & Language

We will be identifying rhyming words in the story. We shall also be using music and movement to create a rhythm to represent different types of fruit.


This term we shall be creating our own rhymes for different fruit found in the kitchen, and using our sounds to write CVC words.

Expressive Arts & Design

In the Expressive Arts we will print and paint with fruits from the story. Make instruments from everyday objects. Make fruit people, then use them for role play.

Understanding the World

We will be discussing similarities and differences between fruit and vegetables, and discovering how fruit is grown and describing their life cycles. 

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

For this second half of the Summer Term we will follow instructions as we go on a ‘fruit hunt’ in Forest School, including prepositions: over, under, behind, next. 

Physical Development

We are going to learn how to use scissors, to cut shapes safely and manipulate playdough to create fruit.


We shall be creating a class pictogram - What is your favourite fruit? We will also be adding two groups of fruit together and begin to use the language one more and less.


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Nursery Newsletter - Summer Term 2 - 2018