Year 4

This second half of the Spring Term we shall be focusing our attention on the Roman Empire and how it conquered and influenced many areas around the ancient world, including here in the United Kingdom.


In English we shall be diary writing, creating newspaper reports and also character descriptions.


In Maths we shall be furthering our skills in the four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; We will also be looking at fractions and decimals, and solving word problems using all four operations.


In French, Madame Ansell shall be expanding our vocabulary and phrases through the theme of healthy eating.


Building on our understanding of beyond our planet, we will be investigating about the Moon and our solar system.


In Humanities we will explore how the Roman Empire spread across Eurpoe and Asia and some of the key individuals who lived during this period, such as the warrior, Boudicca.

Year 4 Newsletter - Spring Term 2 - Feb 2018

Please click below on the link to the current homework for Year 4.

Year 4 Homework Letter - Spring Term 2 - Feb 2018