Year 4

For the first half of Summer Term, Year 4 will be beginning their term long exploration of the Victorian era. To begin with we will be looking at the significant changes of the ‘Industrial Revolution.’ As part of our learning, we will be looking at the great inventions that were introduced at this time and how they benefited not just England but the world over. We will also study how this revolution impacted life during the 1800’s and how modern life still relies on the ingenuity displayed at this time.  During this term we will also be embracing our values of Forgiveness and honesty. We will be showing these values in the way we treat others, as well as how we approach our work. We will also be rewarding those who show our values through merits and house points.

Arts Week

This term, Year 4, along with the rest of Bannockburn will begin their ‘Art Week’ topics based on this year’s theme ‘Art and Theatre’. Each class will have a different focus so look out for more information for your child’s class teacher on which classical venue, musical or performance they will be using as inspiration.


To further our understanding of the great inventions introduced to the world during the industrial revolution, Year 4 will begin their English lessons this term, exploring inventions and their practical uses. They will then be designing their own invention and creating persuasive adverts to sell them to potential buyers. To do this we will be studying a variety of persuasive techniques including flattery, detailed description and rhetorical questions. After this we will be using our knowledge of inventions, as well as generating additional research to write a non-chronological report on the industrial revolution.


This term Year 4 will be developing their knowledge on shape properties. In particular we will revise and deepen our knowledge of quadrilaterals, triangles, angles and symmetry. In addition to shape Year 4 will be looking at time and revising their skills in reading and converting both analogue and digital time. They will also learn to convert between 12 hour and 24 hour time and how to recognize different time units such as months, weeks, days, seconds and minutes. Finally, Year 4 will finish their term by looking again at the 4 calculations and using them to solve multi-step worded problems.

Religious Education

In RE this term Year 4 will be looking into philosophy and exploring questions that have no specific answers. We look forward to hearing varied opinions and thoughts on these questions as well as looking into moral dilemmas and how we would solve them.


This term Year 4 will be studying the topic of sound. We will be looking at how sound is created, travels and is detected by the complex systems of our ears. We will also be conducting several mini investigations to help us create our own instruments that use suitable amplification and pitch.


In Humanities, year 4 will begin to understand who the Victorians were and why this time period is so well remembered. This will include further study on the inventions that changed the world at this time, as well as developing an understanding of how England went from small rural towns to huge industrial cities.


In Art, Year 4 will be developing their skills in printing. To do this we will be studying notable Victorian artist William Morris and his repeated patterns. We will then look at how printing blocks can be made using a variety of materials and then design our own pattern inspired by his work.


In French this term, Year 4 will be linking their learning to their Victorians topic by studying the French words for different types of transport. They will then learn how to talk about their travel habits using French phrases.


In Music, Year 4 will be linking their learning to their Science topic on sound. They will be learning about traditional Victorian music hall performances and creating their own instruments to create music performances of their own.


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