Year 4

For the second half of the Autumn Term Year 4 will be continuing our topic ‘Extreme Earth’ but this time we will be focusing on extreme locations. In particular we will be investigating one of Earth’s last great unexplored regions, Antarctica. Linking to our values of ‘Responsibilty’ and ‘Kindness’, we will be thinking about the changes we need to make, to help us achieve those goals and ensure we embrace and celebrate our local community and its residents.


Focusing on the famous explorer, Ernest Shackleton, we shall be improving our diary writing skills. Through the text, Ice Trap!: Shackleton’s Incredible Expedition, we will be making predictions on what we have read so far and suggesting some possible plot developments. We will then research another famous explorer— Captain Robert Falcon Scott—and write diaries in the role of this courageous man and his attempts to reach the South pole. In non-fiction, we will be debating and then writing persuasive letters, identifying the effects of climate change on Antarctica and its wildlife.


This half term we will be focusing our attention on Shape, Fractions & Decimals and Time. Using a protractor we will be improving our accuracy when measuring a variety of angles. We will look at the properties of 2d shapes and learn how to read, plot and translate said shapes on single quadrant grids using co-ordiantes. We shall also be identifying and completing lines of symmetry. In Fractions & Decimals we will be looking at equivalent fractions and how to express a decimal as its equivalent fraction. Finally, we will be improving our ability to tell the time, focusing on changing digits to analogue and vice-versa.


In French, Madame Seaton will be expanding our vocabulary and teaching us key phrases related to the topic of weather and weather maps,. We will also be learning about some famous French cities and improving on our French phonics. We will also be learning French songs including a phonics weather song and, for those who celebrate the festive season, we shall be learning a new French Christmas song to celebrate “Noël”.


Building on our understanding of Living Things and Their Habitats, we are looking forward to classifying different animals, including those found in the Antarctic, We will also be exploring our local area and hope to identify and classify animals we see in their natural habitats. Part of our learning will involve creating a ‘testable’ question. Then as a class, we will plan out a suitable method and recording strategy, keeping in mind the importance of fair testing.


We will take on the role of Antarctic explorers and study the geographical features of this southernmost continent. Thinking about climate change, we will be looking at how this landmass and its inhabitants are being affected. This includes a debate on the benefits and detriments of human interference on the continent; including how Antarctica is used for scientific study.

Design Technology

To help better understand how an explorer would survive in an extreme location, Year 4 will be researching shelters and how they can build one with limited materials. They will then design and create their own shelter and test it to see it is waterproof!

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