Year 4

For this second half of the Autumn Term Year 4 will be continuing our topic ‘Planet Earth’. This time we will be exploring extreme events in the Earth's history, such as erupting volcanoes, horrendous hurricanes and epic earthquakes

We will explore how these natural disasters occur, how they affect people, communities and landscapes through a series of informative and thought-provoking lessons!

As writers...

We will be developing our report writing skills by creating non-chronological reports about earthquakes. To do this we will learn how to safely retrieve information from the internet and convey these facts clearly and precisely to the reader. We will then create our own newspaper reports, focusing on language and structural features, using real life natural disasters that have occurred in History. Additionally, we will develop our creative writing skills with our very own extreme weather free verse poetry. Using performance and vocal techniques we will rehearse our poems ready to perform them to an audience.

As mathematicians

This half term we will be focusing our attention on Shape, Co-ordinates, Perimeter, Area and returning to Multiplication and Division. Using a protractor we will be improving our accuracy when measuring a variety of angles. We will look at the properties of 2D shapes and learn how to read, plot and translate shapes on single quadrant grids using co-ordinates. We shall also be identifying and completing lines of symmetry. We will use our knowledge of regular shapes to find the perimeter and area of shapes. Finally, we will be using written methods to work with more complex multiplication and division calculations.

As French linguists...

In French, Madame Seaton will be expanding our vocabulary and teaching us key phrases related to the topic of weather and weather maps. We will also be learning about some famous French cities and improving on our French phonics. We will also be learning French songs including a phonics weather song and, for those who celebrate the festive season, we shall be learning a new French Christmas song to celebrate “Noël”.

 As scientists...

We will be learning everything we need to know about states of matter! We will be finding out about the differences between solids, liquids and gases, and how different materials can change state. We will undertake practical experiments to help us understand the processes of the water cycle including evaporation and condensation.

As historians and geographers...

We will be studying how natural disasters including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis occur. We will also be looking at how natural disasters impact the physical and human features of areas from around the world. We will also be exploring to see if the location of different countries make them more vulnerable to disasters.

As athletes…

We will be developing the techniques already learnt in swimming and learning new ones to ensure we can swim a minimum of 25 metres. In dance, we will be creating a narrative through movement, linking in with our topic of extreme weather! 


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