Year 4

For the second half of Spring Term, Year 4 will be learning all about the Romans and specifically how they invaded Britain. We are going to explore many aspects of this invasion, including those involved and what this historical period in time did for the people then as well as looking at how it affects us now. 

During this half term we will also be embracing our values of fairness and effort. We will be showing these values in attitudes both to challenges and towards each other. We look forward to rewarding students that show these and all our school values with merits, reward trips and invitations to our Always Club.


To begin our exploration of the Roman invasion of Britain, we will be researching the man who tried to conquer England twice—Julius Caesar. Once we understand who he was and the significant events in his life, Year 4 will be writing a diary in role, describing a day in his life.

After this, we will move on to learning about the significant Celtic character - Boudicca.  She will be the inspiration for newspaper articles that will explore how bias can be used to tell the same story from different points of view.  She will also be the focus of descriptive poetry which we hope to perform to our peers.


In keeping with our Roman theme, Year 4 will begin their mathematics’ learning by reading and calculating with Roman Numerals. Following from this they will develop their understanding of statistics by interpreting, questioning and creating graphs and charts. To do this they will look at how a range of discrete and continuous data is presented.

After this, we will be deepening our knowledge of fractions by exploring equivalences both in fractions and decimals. We will also look at calculating amounts with fractions including both measures and money. Finally we will be learning how to add and subtract fractions.


In French this term, Year 4 will be learning how to pronounce and translate different foods, especially fruits and vegetables in French and how to give opinions on them. 

Religious Education

As Rome is our focus for this term we decided to explore the religious practices that were present at this time and compare them with modern day. To do this we will be looking at Roman gods and goddess, emerging Christianity (Catholisim) and Mithraism.


To help deepen our understanding and skills when investigating, Year 4 will be focusing entirely on investigations this half term! We will be conducting tests on a range of topics, so that we can practice the skills of writing questions, hypothesis and methods as well as learn new ways to keep tests fair, present findings, draw conclusions and evaluate our success. We hope we can create some budding Scientists through our explorations.


In Humanities, we will be looking at the Roman Invasion of Britain. This will include studying the historical characters of Julius Caesar and Boudicca in detail. We will learn what the Romans brought to our land and the legacy they left behind. On top of all that we are planning a fun and informative topic day all about the fascinating characters that are the Romans!

Design Technology

This term it is Year 4’s turn to take part in the Bannockburn Mini Chef! To link this exciting cooking opportunity to our topic we will be focusing our cooks on healthy Italian meals. To help us do this we will first research design and cost a meal. We will then cook and test our food before evaluating our success. We hope that many of you will try our dishes and give us feedback too.

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