Year 4

For our first Spring Term, Year 4 will be learning about the developments in British History. We will start with the Stone Age, then on through to the Iron Age. We will finish this topic by learning about the beginning of Rome (which will introduce us to our second Spring Term topic).

During this first half term we will also be embracing our new school values of effort and fairness. We will be showing these values in both our work and our classroom behaviour. We look forward to rewarding students that show these and all our school values with merits, always club and invitations to our always club.

Times tables are a fantastic foundation for Mathematics. By the end of Year 4, we hope that every pupil will make progress towards learning their times tables up to 12 x 12. In addition to weekly times table tests, Year 4 will be using a variety of times table activities such as bingo, board games, card matching and interactive games to strengthen knowledge and build engagement. We recommend practicing tables in this manner at home.

This half term we will be using our key text, Stone Age Boy, to help us understand what the Stone Age was like from the perspective of a modern child. From this story we will be writing detailed setting descriptions and instructions on how to build and cook on an open fire!

After this we will move on to studying the beginning of Rome to prepare us for our second spring topic.  In particular we will be looking at the famous Romulus and Remus myth. Once we understand this legend we will be writing letters in role as the character of Romulus after a significant event. 

In Mathematics we will be focusing our attention on revising our calculation skills. This includes using formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as using calculations to answer multi-step worded problems. We will also be developing our knowledge of measure and in particular learn how to convert between lengths such as millimetres, centimetres and metres. Using these measurements we will then be exploring perimeter and area using practical enquires. To finish we will then use our calculation skills to solve problems that involve money and mass contexts.

Religious Education

This term Year 4 will be exploring the variety of faiths that are present in Greenwich and understanding the meaning of multi-culturalism. This will include studying artefacts, religious buildings and leaders from a variety of faiths. We also hope to visit a number of religious sites and interview religious leaders to better understand their role within their faith and within the community.


In Science this term Year 4 will be looking at teeth and digestion. We will study the different teeth found in humans and animals and what their specific roles are. We will then look at the role of teeth alongside human organs that help digest food in humans and animals. To help us develop our understand of healthy and unhealthy foods, we will be investigating the effect of drink on the teeth and the process of mold on food.


In Humanities, we will be looking at British History chronologically by studying how the people of the Stone Age developed tools and a way of life. First we will create timelines to sequence events we have learnt previously. Then we will learn how the Stone Age way of life shifted with the introduction of new techniques and materials including iron. Finally, we will begin our study of the romans by understanding the difference between the legendary and historically accurate beginning of Rome.

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