Year 6

After the amazing hard work put in over this year, the children are feeling ready for the challenges this Summer Term will bring. Year 6 have their KS2 SATs tests this term and the beginning of Summer Term will be dedicated to honing their skills to make sure the children show what we can do.

It is not all exams and tests for Year 6 this term though– the children have Arts Week to look forward to, where they will be exploring a variety of art forms to express our school values in different ways.

We are also looking forwards to a range of exciting days out and activities. These are planned as reward events for pupils who are working hard to show our school values.

What happens in SATs week?

SATs are statutory assessments for pupils in Year 6. They are taken by every pupil in Year 6 during the same week and are marked externally. At Bannockburn, results will be given with pupil’s end-of-year report. Pupils will take the tests in school, within the normal school day. Please ensure your child is at school by 8.45am during SATs week.  All pupils need to be in school EVERY day during SATs week. If your child is ill during that week, a doctor’s certificate will be needed to authorise the absence and an absence application will have to be made to the Department for Education.

Monday 14th May

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: short answer questions paper

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: Spelling paper

Tuesday 15th May

English Reading SATs paper

Wednesday 16th May

Mathematics paper 1: Arithmetic

Mathematics paper 2: Reasoning

Thursday 17th May

Mathematics paper 3: Reasoning

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Year 6 Newsletter - Summer Term 1 - 2018

Swimming Information

This year 75% of the Year 6 pupils (98 out of 128) are capable of swimming a distance of 25m in a swimming pool. 2 SEND pupils are exempt due to their diagnosis.