Year 6

The last half term of Year Six is a special time: we have lots of exciting events, activities and rewards to recognise your incredible contribution to our school during your time with us.

Now that Y6 SATs are over, we have begun work on our end of year production– an interpretation of Aladdin. Our performances will be on Thursday 13th July. There will be an afternoon performance and an evening performance. Further details for tickets will be sent out nearer the time.

Over this last half term, we will be developing our knowledge and understanding of relationships in our Personal Development sessions. This will include the physical and emotional changes of puberty in humans and the human reproductive cycle. The theme and focus of each session is listed below.

Growing & Changing - Staying Healthy: The physical and emotional changes of puberty

Body Image, Self-esteem and the Media: What our self-esteem is and how it can be promoted or damaged by external influences

Relationships- What is a positive relationship?: Identifying the qualities and behaviours that make a healthy friendship and how to recognise and manage negative friendship behaviours

Sex, Conception and Birth in Humans: How babies are conceived and born including male and female internal reproductive organs

Relationships & Technology: How technology plays a part in how we communicate with each other, including the risks and consequences of online communication which is not age-appropriate

Rights & Responsibilities of Adulthood: How our responsibilities change over time and what it means to be ‘responsible’

Transition & Change: Focusing on the move to secondary school and the new situations and environments pupils may find themselves in and how to manage these changes positively

What else are we learning about?


We are continuing to develop our ability to effectively control the formality of our writing. We will be using our report personal statements as an opportunity to showcase our skills in this area– we are looking forwards to sharing with you!


We are going to be focusing on problem solving skills; there are nine separate problem solving strategies that we will practise using. The biggest challenge will be learning how to choose an appropriate strategy to solve different types of problem.


We are linking our Science learning with the ‘Science, Technology and Change’ topic; we will be exploring how science and technology have changed our world and debating whether technological advancement is always a positive thing. What do you think? 

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