Year 2


For this second half of the Summer Term we will be learning all about The Great Fire of London. This topic moves our learning on from the Tudors and into the reign of the Stuarts.


Year 2 will be learning about life in Stuart times. We will learn which of monarchs came to the throne and their link to the Tudors. Many important historical events happened at this time, most notably, the Great Fire of London and the Plague! We will be writing poetry based on the fire,  and illustrating them using chalk and card silhouettes. We will read extracts from the diary of Samuel Pepys to learn about how the fire spread. We will imagine what we might have seen if we were living in London at the time of the Fire.


In Maths, we will continue to look at multiplication and division and building on what we have learnt throughout the year. We will also be learning how to use graphs to display information as well as looking at measurement as part of an investigation using centimetres and metres (cm and m). We will also be learning about rotations and being able to turn in whole and half turns.


Our PE will continue to be based outside as the weather gets warmer. We will be focusing on athletics as we prepare for Sports Day. We will also learn how our bodies respond when we feel hot and how to keep our bodies healthy and hydrated.    

Art and Design & Technology

We will using pastels to create a fire scene to depict the Great Fire of London and then create a silhouette to show the houses that were affected by the fire in the foreground. We also plan to use recyclable materials to make our own houses.


In History, we will be learning about famous people such as Samuel Pepys and King Charles II. We will think about how the River Thames was used to help Londoners escape from the fire. We will also be visited from the London Fire Brigade to learn how to keep safe in event of a fire.

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Year 2 Newsletter - Summer Term 2 - 2018