Year 2

This term our topic is ‘In the Wild…’.


What we will do:

  •  Write character and setting descriptions after reading different fiction texts.
  •  Describe different habitats making links to our Science learning.
  •  Plan and write adventure stories set in the rainforest.
  •  Develop our understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar, ensuring we understand the grammatical terminology.



What we will do:

  •  Measure and compare length and weight in non standard and standard units.
  •  Recall and practise using the calculation strategies we have learnt for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  •  Answer reasoning questions using our problem solving skills.
  •  Tell the time to the nearest five minutes.
  •  Recall the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.



What we will do:

  • Identify different habitats, including microhabitats in our local environment.
  •  Match animals to the habitat they live in; understand why animals live in specific habitats.
  •  Learn about the four layers of the rainforest and the animals that live here.


What we will do:

  •  Create movement sequences in gymnastics,

developing our balance and body control.

  •  Take part in Athletics activities, including running, throwing at distance and at targets and learn different ways to jump.


Arts Week

What we will do:

  •  Each class will practise, develop and refine their art skills, during our Arts Week.

If you have any personal experience of arts, do let your class teacher know as we would appreciate your help in school.


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