Year 2


This term our topic is ‘3, 2, 1, Blast Off!’.


What we will do:

  •  Describe space, the planets and the moon.
  •  Plan and write adventure stories set in Space.
  •  Use drama to imagine life in Space.
  •  Write instructions following sequenced steps using imperative verbs.
  •  Read both fiction and non-fiction texts to find out more about Space and the world around us.


What we will do:

  •  Practise and rehearse our 2, 5 and 10 times table facts so we can recall them fluently.
  •  Understand the relationship between multiplication and division to calculate related division facts.
  •  Measure capacity, length and weight in non-standard and standard units.
  •  Compare different measures using what we have learnt.



What we will do:

  •  Label the parts of a flowering plant and observe different stages of growth.
  •  Identify different plants in our local environment and how they are similar and different.
  •  Learn about the life cycle of a plant, focusing on germination.



What we will do:

  •  Create our own moving moon buggies, using wheels, axles and chassis.
  •  Explore winding mechanisms and levers to design and create our own moving pictures linked to our topic of Space.



What we will do:

  •  Share our own experiences of festivals and what we celebrate.
  •  Learn about different Festivals of Light, how they are celebrated and what they mean to different religions.



What we will do:

  •  Sequencing dance steps to music and choreograph our own routines.
  •  Continue to develop our multi skills, practising aiming, throwing, catching and running by playing different games.


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