Year 2


This second half of the Autumn Term our topic in Year 2 is ‘The Great Fire of London’.


What we will do:

  • Use drama to act out the events that occurred during the Great Fire of London.
  • Write newspaper reports about the Great Fire of London.
  • Write diaries imagining we were there at the time of the Great Fire of London.
  • Describe fire and flames using adjectives, similes and alliteration.
  • Use these ideas to write poems.



What we will do:

  •  Review our understanding of 2D and 3D shapes, describing their properties.
  • Identify lines of symmetry in shapes.
  • Recognise coins and use coins to calculate total amounts.
  • Use our knowledge of subtraction and coin values to work out how to give change.
  • To tell the time for o’clock, half past and quarter to and past times.



What we will do:

  • Identify different materials and describe their properties.
  • Identify natural and man-made materials and materials different objects are made from.
  • Conduct investigations using different materials.



What we will do:

  •  Sequence the events of the Great Fire of London on a timeline.
  • Learn about Samuel Pepys and his significance to the Great Fire of London.

 Compare firefighters from now and then



What we will do:

  •  Learn about our rights and responsibilities and right and wrong.
  • Identify different emotions, the changes we might experience when feeling them and how to deal with these feelings.



What we will do:

  •  Learn gymnastics shapes and sequences, using floor and apparatus.
  •  Practise our bat and ball skills and learn to play a co-operative team game.



What we will do:

  •  Understand the colour wheel and how to mix colours.
  • Use warm colours to paint fire and flames.
  • Use different medias to create a Tudor and Stuart house.


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