Year 2

 During this second half of the Autumn Term our topic ‘Around the World’ continues with a focus on the five oceans.


What we will do:

• Identify the features of persuasive texts.

• Write a persuasive text to encourage others to prevent plastic pollution.

• Write non-chronological reports about an ocean animal of our choice.

• Read both fiction and non-fiction texts about marine animals and ocean habitats.

• Write repetitive and rhyming poetry about different living things from the ocean.



What we will do:

• Collect data linked to our Oceans topic.

• Display data in different ways, including bar graphs, pictograms and tables, and ask and answer questions about the data.

• Review our understanding of 2D and 3D shapes, describing their properties.

• Identify lines of symmetry in shapes.

• Learn strategies to multiply and divide numbers, focusing on the 2 times table facts.



What we will do:

• Continue to focus on habitats, focusing on oceans, coasts and rivers.

• Identify the layers of the ocean and the animals that live in each layer.

• Learn about the animals that live in the ocean habitat and their food chains or webs.



What we will do:

•Sequence movements to music and choreograph our own dance routines.

•Practise key physical skills in Outdoor PE, such as jumping, running and throwing.

•Learn how to play games from Around the World.



What we will do:

•This half term, it is Year 2’s turn to prepare and cook a tasty dish you can easily create at home.

•Please look out for the children selling their dish on the playground.



What we will do:

•Identify the world’s oceans and where they are located.

•Identify the physical features of the five oceans, including their depth and size.

•Name the seas that surround the United Kingdom.

•Learn about the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali, the story of Rama and Sitaand how Diwali is celebrated.



What we will do:

•Understand what a database is and how they are used.

•Create our own databases using computer software, presenting data in different ways e.g. pictograms.


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