Year 2

In this final half term we will be continuing our Ocenas theme and moving onto Pirates. we will be reading the story, The Pirates Next Door, and looking at maps and what treasure might be important.


Our English lessons this term will be based on the story of ‘The Pirates Next Door’ by Johnny Duddle. We will look at the words and phrases that a pirate might use and also learn sea shanties to sing in class. We will also read poems and riddles based on the ocean and create our own poems to perform in class.


In Maths, we will be looking at pirate maps in the search for treasure and learn how to read co-ordinates. We will also recognise and continue a pattern or sequence based on symbols and numbers as well as deepening our understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division when problem solving.


In Science, we will be covering the health aspects of being a pirate including hygiene and healthy eating. We will be designing a healthy meal for a pirate to eat and understand what a ‘balanced diet’ is. We will also look at how pirates chartered the ocean using the stars.


We will be learning about the famous pirate, Blackbeard and looking at pirate stories in history. We will also be learning about the ‘Pirate’s Code’ and relating this to the codes we have in our classroom and school.


This half term our P.E. will continue to be based outside as the weather gets warmer. We will be focusing on athletics as we prepare for Sports Day. We will also learn how our bodies respond when we feel hot and how to keep our bodies healthy and hydrated.


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