Year 2

For this second half of the Summer Term our topic in Year 2 is ‘Wet & Wild'.


What we will do:

•        Identify the features of advertisements and persuasive language.

•        Write advertisements to persuade people to visit certain places.

•        Learn poems by heart to perform them.

•        Plan and write our own poems linked to habitats, in particular oceans.

•        Find out facts about tsunamis to write our own information reports.


What we will do:

•        Solve problems and answer reasoning questions using our mathematical skills.

•        Collect and analyse data linked to ocean animals and their habitat.

  • Calculate using the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, refining our methods and strategies.

•        Answer reasoning questions using our problem solving skills.


What we will do:

•        Continue to focus on habitats, focusing on oceans, lakes, rivers and ponds.

•        Match plants to the habitat they live in; understand why plants live in specific habitats.

•        Learn about the animals that live in the ocean habitat and the features of the ocean.


What we will do:

•        Practise and refine their athletics and ball skills in preparation for Sports Day.

Arts Week

What we will do:

•        Each class will practise, develop and refine their art, dance and drama skills.


What we will do:

•        Understand what a database is.

•        Create our own databases using computer software, presenting data in different ways e.g. pictograms.

Humanities & RE

What we will do:

•        Identify the four countries that make up the United Kingdom and their capital cities.

•        Identify features of each country using maps.

•        Go on a walk of our local area, to identify human and physical features where we live.

•       Learn about how and where different religions worship.


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