Year 2


 This half term in Year 2 we will be continuing our ‘Explorers’ theme and learning about our world’s rainforests.

In English, we will be writing an advert and using persuasive words and phrases to encourage someone to visit the rainforest. We will also be recording our own adverts and sharing what we have produced with different classes around the school. We shall also be writing a description of a rainforest by using our senses and imagining we are there. We will use similes to describe a rainforest animal, as well as using an expanded noun phrase to add interesting details and develop our ever-growing vocabulary.

In Maths, this half term we will be focusing on symmetry of 2D shapes. This will then lead on to using fractions to describe parts of shapes. We will be focusing on identifying quarters, halves and thirds and the children will be expected to recognise and record these as fractions. We are beginning to learn all about money and the value of each coin. We will relate counting money to using the number facts of the times-tables. We will be using addition to total amounts and also subtraction to find change. We will continue to practise our x2, x3, x5 and x10 times-tables, as well as using addition and subtraction to solve problems.

Over the next few weeks in Art we will be looking closely at the work of Henri Rousseau, a famous French painter. Some of our Art and English work will be based on his painting, ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’. This painting is displayed in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

In Science, we will be learning how to grow a seed and what the seed needs to grow. We will look at the plants in our Forest School and thinking about how the climate in the UK is different to the climate in a rainforest and the different plants that would be in each.

In Geography, we will be identifying where in the world we would find a rainforest and learn about the layers of a rainforest as well as research the types of animals that live there. We will also be looking at the impact of man on the rainforest.

Over the next few weeks in PE we will be listening to a selection of music and thinking about how to move our bodies in response to the music we hear. We will also be travelling across a set of apparatus. We will imagine we are animals in a rainforest as we move in different ways.

Year 2 Newsletter - Autumn Term Nov 2017

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Year 2 Homework - Autumn Term Nov 2017