Our Curriculum

At Bannockburn Primary School, we believe that learning is most memorable for pupils when it is planned in a cross curricular way, enabling children to make meaningful links throughout their learning. We offer a creative curriculum that is balanced and broadly based, promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils. It provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge, skills and understanding that they need to be educated citizens in today’s modern society.

Our curriculum at Bannockburn introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said; and helps stimulate an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. We are consistently exploring new ways to prepare our children to function in the world beyond the classroom. We want all of our children to move confidently and successfully through their education.  At Bannockburn we believe in providing the best quality teaching and learning for all our pupils. We all work together to ensure that our curriculum engages all learners and provides opportunities for deeper learning. 

Wherever possible, we encourage children to plan the direction of their learning. We plan topics that have rich content using stimuli such as paintings, artefacts and places of interest as a starting point for further investigation and to develop questioning skills. Our aim is for the pupils to investigate rich and challenging issues and topics, often in the context of real world problems. We always bring learning to life for our pupils by linking trips and visits to our topics. We ensure our lessons include challenge for all pupils, opportunities for children to learn through hands on experiences and lots of feedback from adults and peers. 

The curriculum is continually reviewed and enhanced to ensure that it is flexible and responsive to the children’s needs. This ensures there is a relevant context for learning. The blend of discrete subjects, such as English and Mathematics, enriched by a plethora of other experiences, provides a vibrant mix that supports pupils’ learning. We have high expectations of both staff and pupils and always endeavour to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Effective Planning of Learning

Extensive and detailed planning provides the basis for the pupils’ day-to-day learning. Planning is written in collaboration with other teachers across each year group or phase. These well-structured plans provide guidance for teachers to be able to successfully deliver the new national primary curriculum. At the beginning of each new topic there is a creative start which grabs the pupils’ attention (‘a learning hook’), providing an engaging introduction. There is a strong focus on topicality, which ensures that pupils are fully aware of what is going on in the world around them, both at a local and global level. 

Comprehensive curriculum outlines identifying key learning skills for each year group throughout the whole academic year ensures full pupil entitlement to the National Primary Curriculum. This overview is broken down into medium-term plans for each unit of work. The teachers apply their subject expertise to support the planning and ensure that high-quality learning experiences are identified.

Our Vision

At Bannockburn we believe that our school community are all ‘Growing Together and Learning Together’.  We support parents and carers to understand their children’s learning throughout their time with us, and help them feel empowered to support their children’s education at home.

Our Aims

  • To promote mutual respect and positive values, creating a culture where all effort is valued. 
  • Face new challenges through teamwork and leadership.
  • Learn and achieve in a supportive and creative environment.
  • Celebrate diversity and working in partnership with parents and the wider community

The curriculum at Bannockburn will:

  • Consistently promote the highest standards in all subjects;
  • Develop a wide range of skills and broaden children’s life experience;
  • Enable all children to become resilient, co-operative and to be able to work collaboratively;
  • Prepare the children for now and for the future;
  • Develop children’s self-confidence, personal development and their capacity for self-directed learning and independence.


Please click on the link below to see the curriculum map overview of topics being taught this year.

2019 - 2020 Curriculum Map Topic Overview